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Why User Experience is Important for SEO ?

     As I see the world around me, I notice that businesses which have the top spot or maintains the top spot doesn't achieve this feat with business techniques or money alone. There is something else which helps them achieve success in their ventures. One obviously is the service they provide to the customer, the other thing which is closely related to the service is how user feels when he experiences their product or service  or simply speaking the user experience of the customer. The situation is more or less the same when we speak about digital business. In digital business, people used to try tricks and techniques or more precisely black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) techniques that would help them achieve a good search engine rankings. Yes, such techniques used to work as earlier Google’s search algorithms didn't consider user experience as an important factor for rankings. But Google too has its own goals and one of its goal is to be the most popular search engine by providing best results for their users. It has thus changed and designed its panda and penguin search algorithm according to the user .

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Now the million dollar question to ask is what does the user expects from a website ? The user doesn’t expects much from  a website but to treat its user in a friendly manner .Yes, its not a rocket science formula, that for any  business to become a success, it has to treat its customer or clients in a friendly manner and the situation is more or less the same in a website business also. The general concept of user experience remain more or less the same for all business but the expectation of the user  may vary according to the business we are dealing with.  As we speak about user experience, some of the most common user experience factors that need to be taken care for any website by Search Engine Optimizers are :

  • The loading speed of the website should be optimum and ideally below 5 – 7 seconds if possible.
  • The website should be understood from its home page itself.
  • The main tabs in the website should be visible from all pages of the website .
  • The navigation structure of the website should be optimum i.e. all main pages should be made accessed from each and every other page of the website.
  • Providing anchor text for main  product or service provided by the website so that users don’t have to search for the product and service
  • Main pages of the website should be made accessible for the user with in two or max three clicks in the website.
  • Making the website more interactive by highlighting the call  to action buttons specially on the home page
  • Optimizing the footer section of the website by giving it proper call to actions along with providing social media call to actions
  • Optimizing the landing pages of the website.
  • Making the website responsive i.e providing the same user experience for the user in a mobile device as we provide in a desktop or laptop.

These user experience can be considered as the few of the possible routes  to reach the top  ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In early days of SEO , digital marketers used to do optimization tactics like link building or link exchanges , keyword stuffing  or guest posting for links with the goal of winning over google. As businesses around the world was giving more control to users, it was high time that users and user experience come into the picture. Now the guideline set by Google is simple and straightforward  i.e You can win over me (Google) only if you win over users. So now the old link building techniques used in SEO  has changed into content marketing techniques where good and quality content is created and shared to give a more fulfilling and satisfying user experience.

So if we want to succeed in our business venture and specifically website business , good and quality user experience is the way to go . Therefore , we can say that marketing plans and user experience goes hand in hand . So the conclusion we can make  is that whatever may be our SEO techniques ,it should consider users and user experience as its priority.


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29 April 2015
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