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Before we tackle this question, let’s have a look at the facts.

  • There are 3,210,598,922 internet users in the world and this number is expected to double by 2025
  • India is the third largest consumer of the internet just behind China and the United States
  • Facebook has 1,350,029,100 active users as of 2014. This means if FaceBook was a country it would be the second largest in the world between China and India
  • There are 31 billion searches in Google every month. This number was 2.7 billion until 2006

For those of you who have deduced the answer to the question at the beginning of this page, thank you for reading and do come back for more interesting posts. And for the others who haven’t bothered or managed to read the ten digit figures, all that interesting math was a prelude to explain the growing importance of internet as a marketing platform to draw attention, interest, desire from people and convert it into useful business leads.

Alongside the dynamic environment and the billions of users, one of the key attractions for marketers to get onto the internet is the large amount of content it shares and contains. Smart internet marketing begins with creating, curating, promoting useful content and measuring its effect on attracting people through search engines and social media.

Internet marketing involves managing all aspects of the online presence enjoyed by a business. This includes the company’s websites, social media handles, e-commerce portals and all kinds of advertisements.

For those of you who wouldn't mind scrolling down a little further, below are some more reasons why internet marketing is not just good but essential for your business.

  • Internet facilitates the most efficient and unbiased kind of branding

 Internet marketing is driven by the persona created by businesses using power packed web tools and attractive content. The identity of your brand on the internet is not based on the size of your office or the number of employees you house but the content you deliver and your level of engagement. Online marketing enables small and large businesses alike to wield the power to draw masses through an analytical and creative approach.

  •  It is the only kind of marketing left

With traditional marketing broken and the rapid shift in consumer behavior, the only market left for businesses to tap is the internet population. People are so sick and tired of conventional ads that they have learnt to use all methods to block them. Internet marketing on the other hand helps businesses focus on buyers who need them by delivering and directing the right content on the right search page.

  • Online marketing is measurable
This does not mean every promotional email you send or blog post you share will return as a million rupee cheque but it implies that when your marketing effort on the internet generates leads, you will definitely be able to keep a record of it.You can easily measure the popularity and efficiency of your activities through the various analytical tools and plan your future efforts accordingly.
  • It’s recession-friendly

Though this is the last point, I am sure this is a favorite for all business owners. It is an honest fact that businesses are on the lookout for newer cost-effective marketing tactics that suit the needs of these tough financial times. This is where internet marketing turns out to be an effective strategy. Almost all internet marketing campaigns require businesses to invest more time and much lesser money when compared to its traditional alternatives.

If you haven’t fallen in love with internet marketing yet, you need to know that it is a kinder form of marketing. It is about attracting people through helpful resources rather than harassing them with interruptive advertising. Most importantly, it is your greatest competitive strategy to help your business grow in this digital age.

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07 April 2015
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