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WhatsApp For Business : An Overview

With over one billion-plus users around the globe, WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing messaging platforms out there. It didn’t come as a surprise when Facebook, who now owns WhatsApp, announced that they’ll be launching a new business platform for small enterprises to makes use of. India, with over 200 million active users is WhatsApp’s largest market. Maybe it’s why they have decided to try out their new WhatsApp for business feature first in India. On the occasion of their 8th anniversary Brian Acton, the Co-founder of WhatsApp said,”We built this for India... and the users can give us feedback on how to make this product better, and then we will take it to Brazil and Indonesia.”

Now that it’s official, let’s take a look at how WhatsApp for business could make a difference to your enterprise.


WhatsApp is among the very best digital media channels you can utilize to send out structured messages to a group of people or individuals. If you desire to send it through WhatsApp for simple reading, your graphic/print advert should be basic and less jumbled. You can likewise send your radio or television adverts as well.


Having a discount sale or even the arrival of new stock? You can alert your consumers by sending out the details in audio, text or image formats. You can alter your status into your promo copy (text) or modify the profile photo with promotion image.

Client Engagement:

Considering that consumers are the life of any company, engaging with them is essential to the success of your service. Make sure that you have the database of your repeat customers on WhatsApp so that you can connect with them regularly, and for when they desire to engage with you.

Marketing research:

You can arrange studies and focus group conversations with your staff members, clients, providers, or target audience sections in real time. You can select the group members, get their contacts and establish a dedicated group. Alert them of the time you will begin the conversation by sending them a text regarding the topic of discussion so that they can prepare.

Task Management:

A department of your business or service can produce a task group on WhatsApp so that they can connect and keep you in the loop to better handle the tasks at hand. Contacts and contents can be shared within the group in real-time.

Call Centre:

Utilize your WhatsApp as a Call Centre for your company. Existing or brand-new consumers can offer feedback or enquiries utilizing your dedicated WhatsApp contact whenever they have a problem with your services or items. You can manage it better by mentioning the days of the week and time that your WhatsApp contact will be active.


WhatsApp is quickly becoming an excellent interaction application which people and companies can artistically and innovatively use. Features like voice calls and video chats will contribute towards small businesses maintaining a positive level of user experience for their consumers. It will need you to likewise be ingenious about the best ways to utilize these functions. Keep in mind that WhatsApp for business is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of small businesses and not to keep spamming your customers. Compared to SMS, WhatsApp has a significantly high open rate. Keep a level of restraint while using WhatsApp for business, and share only the information that adds value to your customers.

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