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So here’s the thing, we all know that Google is very particular about the user experience it provides. Imagine a situation wherein you are at a new place and are pretty hungry as well. After you lose all your hopes of making people understand about what you want using all the different forms of charades you know, you end up asking your own personal assistant “GOOGLE”. “French restaurants on XYZ road” and Voilà several results pop up only to make you realize that they aren't anywhere close to providing you something similar to what you searched for. Any explanation for that feeling?? Yeah Bitter!!This would lead to dissatisfaction of customers using Google and instead of relying on it they will search for other better options. This will severely affect the revenue of Google and also pave way for more competitions. To avoid such situations Google makes sure that it takes all steps to combat against it from the root itself.Now you would definitely ask What is it that Google really wants?? Mmm there has not been any official documented format presented anywhere on how Google ranks each search. But time and again various tried and tested methods and practices used by people in this industry has been able to throw some light on this question. There are numerous factors that you should keep in mind. I will just mention some of the ones that need immediate attention.

What Google wants from SEO's

  • Keyword stuffing. Oh don’t even think about it.
  • Always provide original and high quality content (Absolutely necessary).
  • Don’t try to establish fake link building. It’s outdated. Instead try to connect with others by socializing with them and building better relationships.
  • Prepare a sitemap for your users.
  • Provide alt text to your images.
  • Make sure you have different Title for different page.
  • Always create content keeping the user in mind. It’s them that we are targeting.
  •  It’s not actually necessary to crowd your website with too many information. Make it crisp and to the point.
  • Make sure your users are able to navigate through you pages without trouble.
  • It is important to cite your sources. It will definitely not question your knowledge, it just gives more credibility to what you said.
  • Always ensure that you have positive feedback, reviews and ratings on your site. And even if in some cases you get some negative comments, make sure you deal with it appropriately and not leave it ignored.
  • Make sure you update the information you provide as per need. How can you expect to rank higher when everything apart from the information you provided has evolved!!
  • Yes of course your domain authority matters.
This list could go on for like forever. But since I don’t want to choke you with too much information I’ll give it a closure. Just keep in mind “If you implement anything with the sole intention of enriching the user experience, go for it”!! You’re on the right track.

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28 April 2015
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