Understanding the ‘Awareness Stage’ of a real estate leadPosted on 01 Dec by

Understanding the ‘Awareness Stage’ of a real estate lead

This blog is a follow-up to a post published a couple of weeks back on the various stages a lead goes through before committing to a purchase. If you are new to the real estate marketing domain, then I suggest going through my earlier post. In this blog, you will get a comprehensive idea about the first stage, the Awareness, a lead encounters in his journey before committing to a purchase.

If you are a real estate marketer, then you must understand that your efforts are measured by the quality of the leads acquired by various marketing activities. The Digital medium is today an unavoidable platform for marketers to generating quality leads for any new project. The fact is that the competition is getting tougher day by day and more projects are mushrooming with relatively similar features and competitive pricing structures. This makes it a really tough task for marketers to generate quality enquiries. The key for real estate marketers to overcome this dilemma is to understand the first stage of a lead, the Awareness level, and align your marketing activities accordingly.

Awareness Stage

The ‘Awareness Stage’ is where a prospect goes through a phase of realization that he/she has to do something about a situation and this mainly happens in the form of a trigger event. A trigger event can be a thought or an outcome that may have an indirect link to housing. I have categorized the ‘triggers’ into four groups so that you’ll be able to understand the concept better. They are as follows:


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The first part is where the aspect of ‘need’ comes into play. To mention a few examples, a prospect may be looking for a job change or has been issued a transfer, an individual is nearing retirement and is looking to settle down, people working abroad for a long time feels the need to return home or the birth of a new child and having to bring their aged parents to live together. These are scenarios that happen to almost everyone. As a real estate marketer, you need to understand that all the above-mentioned scenarios are indirectly linked with the need for a better or new space. This where your inputs can make a difference.


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Every individual face problems in their life. It is a very generic but factual statement. Problems being faced by prospects which can be solved by the need for a new abode are mainly twofold - Issues being faced with the current rental home and/or commuting long distances to work on a daily basis. A real estate marketer needs to address these situation head on by providing information to a prospect as to how his product/service can help alleviate these situations and ensure a better walk of life.


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The third factor within the awareness stage is that of Opportunity. A real estate marketer’s duty is to convince a prospect, who may have received monetary gains, to invest in their sector. These may include individuals who received a promotion or increase in pay package, performance-based incentives, and inheritance of parental wealth and/or economic development of a particular region, resulting in the generation for funds to invest. All these are opportunities a prospect may have got, but a real estate marketer can turn it into an opportunity of their own to responsibly guide a prospect towards the benefits of investing in the real estate sector.


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All of us have the desire for better and greater things to happen. A better lifestyle, pride and even wanting to be unique and different are all pointers for real estate marketers to turn into their advantage. The key is to understand what a prospect is going through and address the need based on responsible inputs.

The Awareness stage of a home buying journey begins when a prospect experience symptoms of a problem or need with regard to housing. Majority of the prospects at this stage are not ready to explore or address the situation immediately but try to gain as much knowledge and understanding of the pain or need they are currently experiencing.

One of the biggest mistakes a marketer usually makes at this state is to really push for a prospect’s attention towards their product. The rightful approach at this state is to design activities that can trigger a better understanding of their needs or requirements. The messaging, content delivery and other associated marketing activities should be focused towards helping the prospect navigate through the situation for which they are looking for answers.


Modern day marketing, that too in the digital domain, is all about guiding prospects from one stage of the buying process to the next. It is vital to keep in mind that during the initial stages of buying a house, prospects are mostly unaware of the need or opportunities associated with it. At this stage, there is no need for them to pay attention to any particular brand unless they offer to help them move forward in the process.

A real estate marketer has the opportunity to uncover a specific pain point of a prospect by delivering valuable content with the aim of making the individual understand and realize their need or problem. A real estate marketer should whole-heartedly try to help a prospect. By doing this, an awareness about your product, service or company is indirectly being instilled in them, and this increases the chances of a prospect choosing you for the remainder of the journey.

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01 December 2016
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