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The marketing environment is more alive today than it has ever been, but traditional marketing is dying an eventual and obvious death. All the popular marketing acts of the yesteryears - print ads, TV commercials, brochures, email blasts, pop up ads and all those ideas that fuelled companies to success right until a few years ago are now constantly underperforming.

The reason is simple – the internet and digital technology have fundamentally altered buyer behaviour making people smarter, sophisticated and crazy about social media engagement. It has created better ways for people to interact with brands they like, something that was unimaginable a decade ago.

Technology has also developed all sorts of filters and ad blockers within the marketing pipeline.This along with people’s natural instinct to selectively ignore uninteresting advertisements clearly spells death for traditional marketing.

Shift from Traditional Marketing

  • 200 million numbers are on the “Do not Call” list
  • 44% of direct mails are never opened
  • 86% of people skip TV commercials

Customer engagement is one of the major soft spots of traditional marketing but by all means it is the magic word in today’s marketing scene. In the earlier days, marketers simply thrived on every opportunity to spam, cold call and cram people’s minds with a million brand names, tag lines and jingles. Presently these old school traditions have paved way to enable marketers comprehend customers needs and wants. They are thus fine tuning their strategies to fit in with the current market trends.

Statistics show us that 62% of marketers plan to increase their SEO/SEM budgets in 2015. Furthermore 62% also plan to increase their content marketing budgets.

Today, traditional marketing strategy is futile and also self-destructive to a certain extent. It is bound to be murdered in a marketplace where customers have access to massive amounts of information at their disposal and in which social networks have, in some cases, replaced brand networks.

Popularity of Internet

These numbers are definitely exciting for the modern marketer and opens up a newer avenue for businesses to interact with prospects and create a desirable relationship. Traditional marketing in these conditions is only like winking at a girl in the dark; you know exactly what you are doing, but no one else does.

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30 March 2015
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