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Tips To Save Money On The Facebook Ads Platform

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most proven ways of growing your business. However, the downside is that there is a chance you’ll end up spending a lot of money on the Facebook Ads platform if your approach is not fine-tuned and implemented well. There are many advertising newbies who find it difficult to get a positive momentum for their campaign using the Facebook Ads platform to promote their brand. In this blog, I am going to share some best practices to follow on the Facebook Ads platform that will allow you to minimize the expenditure while ensuring better performance.

Target Individuals Who Already Know Your Brand On The Facebook Ads Platform:

To target individuals based on their interest is the most commonly followed approach when starting a Facebook Ad campaign. I would suggest holding off on this approach until you have a better understating of the Facebook Ads platform. To begin with, you could target people who have already shown interest in your company are familiar with the products/services being offered. This could be in one of two ways on the Facebook Ads platform – creating a Custom Audience or a Lookalike Audience.

The Custom Audience group comprises of individuals who already have an understanding of your company, have already bought your products or subscribed to your mailing list. Make it a point to exclude the consumers who have already purchased the product that you are going to advertise, to limit the expenses involved.

On the contrary, the Lookalike Audience category should be populated based on the buyer persona of your custom generated list. This gives you a better chance of getting conversions or selling your products as their interests are same to the ones in the custom list even though they are not familiar with your brand.

Split Test Your Ideas:

When you formulate your campaign on the Facebook Ads platform, you could make use of the split test concept to better understand the variables between your ads to achieve a cheaper CPC (Cost Per Click) and figure out which are the ones that are better performing and vice-versa. You could split test the ad text, description, image, etc.

While creating a Facebook ad set, it would be wise to experiment with at least four different combinations. Run all the four for a limited duration and later pause the ones that are not performing up to expectations. Try the same approach with bidding models too. In some cases, even though the objective of running you ad is to get better website clicks or app installs, there is a chance that CPM will work better than CPC and CPA.

You could also experiment generating ad copies in local languages as it is part of the best practices criteria to get good results with low CPC. In India, especially for B2C products, there is a better chance of getting positive results when opting for ad copies to be shown in the local dialect.

Use Facebook Pixel Tracking And UTM Variables:

Make sure that you have properly implemented the Facebook pixel code in your landing pages. This will help you track website visitors, events and conversions. Apart from tracking the conversions and effectiveness of the campaign, the accumulated data will help you to devise your re-marketing strategy and also to iterate on the user experience criteria.

Google Analytics is another great tool to track the performance of your ad campaign. It is mandatory to include UTM variables for each ad. The UTM variables can be created using this link . Once you have created the variables, paste the link in the ad URL field. Analyzing campaigns using Google Analytics gives you a better idea of how well the ads are performing while giving you insight on the ones that are not.

Don’t Run Ads Longer Than You Need To:

After your ads have been running a bit, check the Frequency in the Ads Manager to see how many times your ads have been shown. Normally, it is ideal to pause an ad when it has a frequency rate of 2.5-2.75, as by then it would have already been shown to your target demographic often.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to get positive results for your marketing campaigns using the Facebook Ads platform. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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