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SEO Trends to Prepare for in 2017

Google has always emphasized the importance of User Experience and Mobile based search results. In 2017, we are all set to see more efficient SEO trends being introduced into the domain. With Google focusing its efforts on advancement in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and improvement in contextual search,  we will see more results served based on user intent. The below mentioned SEO trends would help you better prepare and make changes to your existing SEO Strategy in 2017.

SEO Trends in 2017

Below are top 7 SEO trends to prepare for in 2017:

Optimizing for searcher’s intent

With Recent Google updates like Hummingbird and rank brain in 2016, we can see more results in Google solely based on searcher’s intent and less based on the exact match keywords in 2017. As the effect of exact match keywords is in a declining stage, it would be wise to create and optimize content based on user’s intent.

SEO Trend 2017 - Optimizing for Searchers Intent


Video and Image content

Video and image content dominate in 2017. As image and video contents are more digestible and easily understandable by the user, more importance will be given to content with images and video by Google. As the importance of user experience increases day by day, we will see more image and video based results in search. So it becomes imperative that we optimize our Images and visual content accordingly. For this, we can optimize our images with image alt tags and image title tags to help both user and search engine understand our images.

seo trends 2017- image content usage and optimization

seo trends 2017- video content usage and optimization

Google Answer Box and other Featured Snippets

As the main aim of the Google is to improve the user experience of the user, we will see more results with instant answers in Google SERP in 2017.In fact, as the reports suggest, the no of Google Answer Boxes has been doubled as we move to 2017. The Q and A type SERP features like ‘People Also Ask’ are now displayed frequently in Google search results, and its frequency will increase in 2017. So is the case with instant answer features which provides instant answers for a particular query in 1 or 2 words.

SEO Trends in 2017 - Google Answer Box and other featured Snippets


Voice Search

With the advancement in Rank Brain and Artificial Intelligence, more emphasis will be given to voice search in 2017. Apart from voice recognition, we will see results based on the understanding of the user's voice which involves, answers based on the previous query, frequently used apps, personalized information, location, etc. We will also witness keyword research for Voice based queries in 2017.

SEO Trends 2017 - Use of Voice Search and Optimization

Mobile first index

The most awaited SEO trend for 2017 is the concept of  Mobile First Index in search results. Mobile first Index means Google will crawl and index the Mobile version of a website first before the desktop version and consider the mobile version as the primary source for Google ranking. Since mobile search has its desktop counterpart, we can expect more importance given to mobile search by Google compared to desktop search. So it becomes essential to make a website responsive and user-friendly in a mobile device. Apart from making it user-friendly, we will see further mobile optimization trends in 2017.

SEO Trends to prepare for in 2017 - Mobile First Index


Google Structured Data Markup

As the importance of Structured data was already noted in 2016, it will gain further prominence in 2017. Structured data markup can help search engines understand the website content easily and can help search engines show rich data and snippets in the search results and in turn increased CTR for the website.

Below image shows an example of structured data markup for social profiles in a website:

SEO Trends 2017 - Google Structured Data Markup from standard

Below image shows social media profiles of the website as a result of above implemented structured data markup code:

SEO Trends 2017 - Social Media Profiles as a result of Google structured markup

Google AMP

Owing to the increasing importance of mobile search in 2017, a new initiative has been proposed by Google called  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) which is a new standard for creating fast, lightweight and user-friendly mobile pages. This new standard is a set of rules to create a lighter version of  HTMLs so that it can load super quick on all mobile devices.

SEO Trends to prepare for in 2017 - Google AMP Project


Mentioned above are the selective SEO trends to be witnessed in 2017 that will have a significant impact on Google search. Designing your SEO Strategy based on the above trends will surely help you gain the upper hand over your business competitors in 2017.  

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24 January 2017
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