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Is SEO Still Relevant In 2017?

Google has relatively suppressed most efforts at marketing for the functions of SEO in the last couple of years. Earlier, the core emphasis was on including the maximum number of keywords in an article or the overall content in general and by generating a lot of backlinks to ensure that your site gets listed on the first page of SERPS. Today, a great deal of changes have been brought about to the algorithms that define SEO protocols. Constant updates in the search engine optimization characteristics have often resulted in people wondering - Is SEO Still Relevant In 2017. The key here is to understand that search engines will only showcase websites that have a level of authority based on the defined algorithms, and to achieve this requires a lot of work.

Technicality And Content

Regardless of the current modifications in how Google ranks pages, it's still crucial to make sure that tags are properly utilized. Tags play a vital role in helping online search engine to understand and evaluate your website. This also helps to efficiently categorize all the data and content on your web space. So make it a point to include the title and header tags.

Content, on the other hand, is necessary to promote the information that you want to share. As mentioned before, the practice was to include as many keywords as possible. Do not attempt this approach now. Packing keywords are not how it works. Share effective content by including all the relevant information about your product and ensure that less than 10% of the total word count is taken up by keywords.

The Role Of Spiders In Search Engines

Is SEO Relevant?

The concept of spiders is simple. They can be categorized as agents of SERPs that respond to queries from users and search for information that is relevant. Make sure to include a relevant URL that matches the information you are trying to showcase. It is the duty of the spider or the search agent to match the URL with the content and figure out if your page is worthy enough to be showcased to the audience.

Make Your Digital Assets Mobile Friendly

Is SEO Relevant?

The mobile revolution has witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of users consuming information using mobile phones and other handheld devices. Optimize your web assets for mobile devices to ensure that search engines promote your website. This is a very important point and should not be overlooked.

Regional SEO

Is SEO Relevant?

Another important development in the world of SEO is Local or Regional SEO. This is aimed to address queries specific to a location from various users. The idea should be to optimize the page with content and keywords based on research that is specific to the region for users looking for services/products in a particular location.


There is not much to be said here. A picture speaks a thousand words, and for most part it’s true. Make sure that you use relevant pictures in your articles and other web pages by giving them proper alt tags and image titles. Ideally, the alt tag and the image title should include the keyword as well.

Use Of Videos

One of the other important aspects of SEO is to try and include videos in you web assets. The trend today is that people have little time to go through the entire content and instead would choose to watch a video. This plays a vital role in SEO as well.

Long Tail Keywords For Voice search

Voice search is fairly a new concept. Again, due to the technological advancements being witnessed in the mobile sector, many search engines are embracing the idea including colloquial keywords as part of the content to address users who make use of voice search.

So, is SEO still relevant in 2017? In short, Yes. SEO is still a relevant characteristic and is here to stay. So ensure that you follow the above steps to enhance your chances of getting your digital assets listed in the first page of SERPs. It takes time, but the efforts are surely going to get you positive results.

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