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REAL-TIME ADS - Impressive Concept For The Near Future

2106 was a year when the Digital Marketing domain witnessed unprecedented growth. Over the past few years, especially in a country like India, more and more brands are slowly but steadily migrating towards the digital medium and are looking at making strategic investments to maximize their target goals. In this blog, we are going to talk about Real-Time Ads using Google and Facebook and how it’s going to play a major role in 2017.

Recently Google introduced their new offering Real-Time Ads, aiming to make the maximum use of live events through which brands can showcase their products. Many other major social media giants like Twitter and Facebook are already working on similar concepts and it is a clear indication for marketers that real-time ads are an important part of a marketing campaign.

Let’s look at the two major players in the real-time marketing domain and what they have to offer:

Google Real-Time Ads: Google allows brands to run their advertisements live. The ideas here is for brands to communicate directly with the audience and to help brands showcase their offerings in a way that is relevant and timely. A brand can also make use of the millions of apps and over two million sites on Google’s display network. Another important aspect is that a brand can run its ads on YouTube as well, which is one of the most accessed websites in the world. The key here is to identify events that relate to your service/product and develop ads in advance, to be deployed during the event. This feature allows you to connect with consumers while having their complete attention. You could always use ads that are active in other plans to amplify the message manifold. The feature is yet to roll out to a global audience, but it’s a module to make use of in the near future.

Facebook Real-Time Ads: After the recent launch of their live video service, Facebook is betting big on implementing real-time ads during broadcasts. Currently, marketers only have the option to promote their content via sponsored post before and after the broadcast. Facebook is currently working on deploying ads during the live stream in a way that is not disruptive to the viewers. Facebook Ads has already established itself as one of the most used marketing tools, and this new feature has got marketers even more excited as the platform has, quite literally, scores and scores of users. The Rumour mills have it that Facebook has planned for a 15-second slot five minutes into the broadcast for the ads to be displayed. Along with the current testing being done for live ads, Facebook recently launched a scheduled live streaming option for marketers to promote upcoming broadcasts.

Both the above options are currently undergoing rigorous testing protocols and will be steadily deployed into the global market in 2017. Keep an eye out for this feature as it promises to be part of major marketing campaigns. The real-time ads concept is an excellent opportunity to capture the imagination of millions in one go and reach out to target audiences around the globe.

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06 January 2017


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