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How To Make Prospects Enquire For Your Real Estate Projects

5smaEnquiry Stage & Conclusion

For a real estate marketer, it’s always a major hurdle when it comes to getting a prospect to enquire about their projects. Traditionally, prospects used to get in touch with a sales agent early in the purchase funnel. Earlier, the practice was pretty straight forward. Prospects used to contact a representative after coming across an advertisement of the project(s). Here the marketer had more control in terms of sharing the project details alongwith other relevant data. Today, the scenario is different. Broader connectivity and extensive internet-based research options have given prospects a different medium to gather information without making any contact with a sales agent.

Digital Marketing Approach: Building Trust & User Experience:

This is a pretty complex stage for prospects. In this stage, they have already prepared a shortlist of vendors to choose from. The main objective for a marketer here is to get the prospect to reach out and contact a representative with confidence and convenience.

Building Trust

Any marketing activity to reach out to prospects at this stage should be based on projecting a level of trust that the client can resonate with. Openness and transparency are the prerequisites here. For example, a prospect would appreciate a company that shares information about the steps taken by them towards an efficient water and waste management system incorporated into one of their projects.

Trust can only be earned, it cannot be forced upon, and the willingness to think and communicate from the perspective of a potential customer is the easiest way to build trust in the mind of a real estate prospect.

Steps To Build Trust With A Prospective Client

Use the following elements as part of your marketing strategy to build confidence in the mind of a prospect:

1. Successfully completed projects
2. Real customer testimonials
3. Events on special occasions
4. Process of building projects
5. Details of quality standards being followed
6. Offer comparisons

User Experience:

A marketer should make sure that there are many ways for a customer to contact them. It will make sure that you don’t lose out on enquiries because of an inconvenience in not being able to get in touch.

By the time a prospect adds you to the shortlist of vendors to contact, it is clear that they have a level of confidence in your brand. A marketer should give utmost important to this stage and take steps that can minimize losing out on potential customers. A better user experience can be achieved by testing and experimenting options offered to the prospects. The key here is finding out their preferences with respect to the channels being used to reach them. Using the following methods effectively, one can help make the enquiry process more efficient and convenient for your prospects

Features To Implement For Convenient Real Estate Enquiry Process:

1 ) Enquiry Forms
2 ) Phone numbers and email addresses
3 ) Live Chat
4) Instant Messaging ( WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.)
5 ) Request Call Back
6 ) Inbound Calling ( Click to call)
7 ) Book a site visit


It is very clear that today people can gather the basic project information through research conducted via various online channels. It is no longer required of a salesperson to repeat the same information that customers can consume digitally. Rather, a marketer should focus on adding value to the conversation by offering a unique perspective on the product.

Final Thoughts

Hope you had a great time reading this resource. The aim of this resource is to give an overall idea of the importance of Digital Marketing in the real estate sector. Traditional marketing strategies are slowly becoming obsolete and it’s time for real estate developers to look at the digital medium to increase their conversion with only a fraction of investment required when compared to traditional marketing protocols. Our expertise in the domain has seen us improve conversions of two major real estate brands in the country by over 100%. The casestudies for both can be accessed below. If you are a real estate developer, then feel free to reach out to us. We can help your brand reach the right customers and ensure a steady growth.

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