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PPC Landing Page Tips & Tricks


Are you having enough impressions and clicks on you PPC ads and still complaining that you are not getting enough conversions? Closely watching, you may find that the issue is not with PPC campaigns or channel delivering traffic but is with your PPC landing page  ! According to Brad Geddes, a well-known internet marketing speaker, “If you look at a good PPC account and it’s not converting, in 99% of cases, the landing page is the problem”. When a visitor clicks on a PPC ad, they are taken to a landing page — a web page whose sole purpose is to entice people to take an action.  So, the landing page should be well optimized to ensure that our PPC campaign does not get lost in the sea of ads. Here we are trying to point out some handy PPC landing page tips and tricks for getting the most out of our landing pages.

 PPC Landing Page Tips and Tricks : 


Create Continuity

Continuity from our keyword and ad to our landing page is really important. It will help us to boost AdWords quality score and more importantly, it will please our visitors. Remember, no one wants to stay on a page that doesn't offer the services that he had googled for. So the page should be relevant to the search and the ad is shown in SERP. We could create continuity from our keywords, ads, and landing page in the following ways:

  • We may use dynamic keyword insertion to import the keyword used to search for the landing page content. Tools like ‘unbounce’ are available in the market to make this happen.
  • Try to include our ad headline as the headline of the landing page.
  • It’s super important that the call to action on our landing page should be the same as the one on our ad.
PPC Landing Page Tips and Tricks - Adding Call to Action


Have a Clear CTA Button

We should say that CTA button is the pinnacle of our landing page. It’s the final destination of our visitors and hence is the most important element on our landing page. CTA button text should be direct and to the point and should clearly tell the visitors what they will be getting once they click on the button. Again, we have to ensure that our CTA button text directly corresponds to our PPC ad message. The position of the button in the landing page is also very important. It's better to place the button clearly above the fold of the page and it should stand out from the background. A different color or some design elements may make it visually stand out.


Make Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Recent studies say that 80% of people don’t leave home without their mobile device and 61% of smartphone owners perform searches from their device every single day. In fact, consumers are now spending over 15 hours per week researching from their smartphones. The volume of mobile search is increasing day by day and hence, it is important to keep the landing pages and forms in it mobile friendly. If the landing page is not friendly, the user will find it difficult to access the page and may quit the action resulting increase in bounce rate. We have to make user’s journey towards conversion as easy as possible and so for mobile search, mobile friendly landing pages and forms are a must.

PPC Landing Page Tips and Tricks - Mobile Friendly landing page


Include video on Landing page

Including video on our landing pages may create good visual impact and will make it more tempting for the user. It can be very powerful when we are trying to convey some complex ideas. The video is also an excellent way to reinforce our overall messaging and branding. Following are some of the reasons why we should include videos on landing pages.    

  • Videos increase the length of time people stay on our page and it gives more opportunity to our brand message to reach our users.
  • If we could feature our self or company employees in the video, the trust factor will be raised significantly.
  • People are lazy and prefer to watch vs. read.


Keep Landing Page Simple

Designers sometimes tend to overdo to create visually powerful landing pages. For a visitor, design only comes second to a clarity of message. If the page doesn’t convey the message in a simple and clear way, it is a lost cause. The design should be simple and catchy. Here are few steps that we may follow:

  • Try to implement neat simple and catchy design.
  • We have to clearly and state what our product or service is, and what the key benefit is. It’s always better to keep it just below our main heading.
  • Ask only a few and the right details as possible in our form – people won’t bother filling too many details.
  • Use bullet points to display our most valuable benefits and USPs and it's better not to overcrowd the page with paragraphs of detailed data.


Keep an Eye on Page Load Time

Surveys on the online behavior of googlers show that visitors expect a page to load within 2 seconds. So we have only two seconds to convince a visitor to stay. Users don’t wait long for us as we are only an option among many for them. The worst part is that a false start can actually cost the visitor forever. The key to getting this right is to optimize our page to load faster. If it doesn’t load in time, all our efforts may turn pointless are we are losing a potential customer. This should be avoided.


Build Trust

Credibility is very important in the online world. It's essential to make the user trust our brand if we want them to provide us their information.  It is our responsibility to establish enough credibility with potential users so that they become our customers. We could gain credibility for our landing page through the following ways:

  • Statistical Evidence
  • Featured Press Snippets
  • Honest Customer Testimonials
  • A Link to your Privacy Policy
  • Guarantees


Highlight USP

Make sure to highlight our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We have to include anything that gives us an edge, such as a service guarantee, an exclusive offer, free shipping, or anything else that we offer but the competitors do not.


Use Crisp and Powerful Text

Use powerful keywords to express our services in the voice of customers. Using the voice of the customer on our landing page copy is powerful and will make the difference. Using power words is more than just choosing certain words or phrasing carefully; it’s about structuring our copy in ways that appeal to our users’ emotions. Don’t have too much text; only include key information and break it up nicely with clear headings or sections.


A/B Testing

Keep testing landing pages by making small tweaks and serving them alongside each other (A/B Testing). Just because we have made progress in improving the landing page, doesn’t mean we should stop trying to improve it further!


Avoid Irrelevancy

Use Relevant and Varied Imagery. We have to make sure that we avoid stereotypical images that have no connection to our business. An irrelevant graphics or text could be a conversion, which is why it has no room on your Landing Page.


Remove distractions

Only ask the user to do one thing and remove everything that may distract the user from converting. We may pick our most important goal as call-to-action. If we give the user too many options on how they can convert, the chances are they are less likely to choose any of them.


These simple techniques listed above will have an immediate impact on our campaign performance. It would help us in decreasing bounce rate and increasing conversion rate and thus boosting ROI. What we have to do is keep it crisp, simple and catchy. 


PPC Landing Page Tips and Tricks - Remove Distraction


Hope you find the blog useful. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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