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PPC Ad Copy Best Practices - 10 Tips for Writing Better Ads

Ad copies are in a way an interface between advertiser and user. We spend money to attract potential customers and we want them to notice our ad and click through to our website. When a Googler reaches the result page, our ad will be displayed along with other PPC ads and remember we are just an option for them among many. So we have to create tempting ad copies that force the user the click on it. We have to make sure that we write effective, engaging, and noticeable ad copy. The following tips will help you write ad copy using PPC ad copy best practices for AdWords users :

Tips for Writing Ad Copy for Adwords using PPC Ad Copy Best Practices:

  • Use keywords in ad copy

Sounds simple, isn’t it? This is the first and foremost thing that we have to ensure while writing an ad copy. This is the best practice for increasing relevancy and a better chance to have a high-Quality Score. To make sure that we are serving the right audience, we have to write separate ads with customized keyword copy for each ad groups. Statistics tells us that visitors are more likely to convert when they see queries they have keyed into the search engines in our actual ad copy. Many will simply write a few generic ads and use the same copy for every ad group - the easy way to do it. But remember, these shortcuts will produce poor overall results. Not only will the quality score be low, but also the ad will not grab the attention of the Google.

PPC Ad Copy best practices for writing ad copy - Keywords in Ads
  • Have strong calls to action

When writing an ad, it’s important to tell searchers exactly what it is that we want them to do. Calls to action should stand out as much as possible to generate conversions. The following are some of the popular action terms used in PPC ad copy.

– Order now

– Shop today

– Learn more

– Click to buy

– Call today

– Watch demo

Including the right call to action can help to ensure that we will receive the right types of clicks thereby reducing wastage of money due to unwanted clicks.

PPC Ad Copy best practices for writing ad copy - CTA's in Ads
  • We only have 35 characters, use them wisely

The total number of characters we have to work with is limited.  So we shouldn’t waste our resources by telling things that audience doesn’t want to know. We have to study the mind of our customer, our business, and our offer so well so that we can summarize the key features only in the ad copy. Remember, customers want to quickly find products and services they want, at prices they want to pay. So try to include the price in the ad copy. And never give any empty promises.

  • Make sure to highlight our USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

We need to highlight the points that make our product/service unique. This is our chance to take traffic from our competition. We have to include anything that gives us an edge, such as a service guarantee, an exclusive offer, free shipping, or anything else that we offer but the competitors do not. Having a strong USP will really help our PPC ads perform well.

  • Don’t forget site links and ad extensions

Ad Extensions can be used to include information about a coupon, other offers, locations, additional landing pages (site links), and even phone numbers. It is a method to increase our CTA’s - and they don’t cost extra to use. They show up in blue, below our Description Lines. One benefit of ad extensions is that they simply make our ads look bigger and more interesting. The site links ad extension shows links to specific pages (in addition to the main landing page) helping customers get to what they're looking for on our site with just one click. By showing additional information with site links, our ads can be more relevant to potential customers.

PPC Ad Copy best practices for writing ad copy - Sitelinks and Extensions in Ads
  • Take Advantage of the Display URL

Display URL is more than just a link. It can convey a lot to the audience. The URL text can act as a call to action, provide more information, highlight a special offer or increase our ad’s relevancy by including the keywords we are targeting.

For example, www.example.com/FreeTrial and www.example.com/DiscountShoes tell potential customers more and encourage them to click more, than a URL like www.example.com/about.

  • Use Numbers and Symbols in your Copy to draw attention

Symbols and numbers really help an ad stand out when they are lined up against other similar ads selling the same product/service. In a crowd of text, symbols, and numbers really make an ad pop and stand out more. When we use numbers and symbols in our ad copy, it can increase our click-through rate significantly.

Using Numbers:

For numbers, consider using dates, pricing, and percentages when they apply

Using Symbols:

Consider using symbols like the registered trademark symbol to show our brand’s authenticity etc. If we use too many, our ad will look like spam. We definitely want to use symbols, but we have to use it fruitfully.

  • Use punctuation properly

Punctuation increases readability and understandability of an ad copy. But we have to be very careful while using punctuation and have to pay attention to Google’s editorial standards. Adding punctuation helps us to increase views and click-through rates. It is also important to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Such errors may turn off a potential customer, and so they should be avoided.

  • Tailor ad copies to specific geographical regions we are targeting

Creating ad copies specific to geographical regions we are targeting could improve the CTR. Again, if we are splitting the ad groups based on locations and writing location specific ad copies, the audience in the specific location will find the ad more relevant and will engage with it. So try to write more location specific ad copies.

  • Stand out from the competition

We have to make our ad copy stand out from the competition. It is always good to be different, but in pay-per-click advertising, it can be the difference between an average performing ad and one that receives a very high click through rate and produces a high conversion rate. It makes our ad more noticeable and thus, we could get more traffic.

Above mentioned tips could help us to write better ad copies. Last, but not the least, it's super important that, always we have to write more than one version of our Ad copy. Run two or three simultaneously, and split test the results. Keep improving the Ad, based on measured results.

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Hope you find the blog useful. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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