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Possum - Google Search Algorithm Update

In my last blog, I had highlighted the focus points for optimizing a Google Business listing in the local directory. Now, with the latest update – The ‘Possum’ Google Search Algorithm – a few things have changed.

Possum - Overview

Possum is the latest Google Search Algorithm update rolled out on Sept 1, 2016. This update introduced drastic changes to the local search results, where it is playing Possum with the results page by filtering the business listings. This means that your business may not always appear for the same search done multiple times.

Now, let's have a brief discussion on how Possum affects the search results:

1) Physical location of the user:

With Possum update, Google considers the Physical Location of the user and shows only the relevant set of results. This doesn't mean that Google has eliminated the business from Google search. Instead, it just filters the search result according to the location from where the user is searching from.

2) Keywords now have an important role:

Keywords play an integral role in search results. After the Possum update, implemented as part of the Google Search Algorithm, different keywords show slightly different search results. This helps the user searching for a particular service/business to get the relevant set of results. So, it is recommended choosing the right set of keywords and its variations to ensure the visibility of your business listing.

3) Business gets filtered based on address:

The new update filters businesses with similar addresses for different websites. This helps the user as duplicate business listing will not be displayed anymore. All thanks to Possum! Now the user can view a set of top listed businesses without any duplications while the other listings can only be accessed by going deeper into the listings page.

4) Business houses beyond the local search boundary get ranked:

In the past, business houses located outside the city limits in accordance with Google Maps failed to rank in the search results when the user included a particular location as part of the search query.

After the Google Search Algorithm update, many of these businesses show a major spike in terms of their listing. Some of them have gained over 20 places after the implementation of Possum. Isn’t that amazing? Now they have got a great opportunity to be showcased in the top 10 local search results.

5) Independent local and organic search:

Possum has not only made changes to the local search results, it has affected the organic search results too. Now both are operating independently. Before, if the URL linking to the Google Business Page was filtered organically, it used to affect the listing negatively. After the Possum update, this no longer seems to be the case. This has had a positive impact on businesses that were filtered out before the update.

Anyway, the latest Google Search Algorithm update has helped many local businesses to improve their visibility and in turn, generate more traffic to their websites.

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23 November 2016
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