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On Page SEO Checklist for 2016

        When it comes to optimizing our website, we would have set few goals like improving our organic traffic, increasing sales and achieving a good position in Google Search Results. We try to reach such goals mainly through our SEO strategy. An On page SEO strategy usually plays a pivotal role in our SEO strategy. It is primarily our on page SEO efforts that send the first impression and a clear picture about our website to Google. Since on-page optimization has a greater say in our SEO strategy, we here follow a detailed on page SEO checklist based on Googles best practices for websites. Before diving further on our on page checklist, we would make sure that all our on page SEO efforts revolves around providing the best user experience to the users. This is to ensure that we are in sink with Google's primary goal of providing the best user experience to its users and as of 2016, we all know that user experience and SEO will go hand in hand.

On page SEO Checklist for 2016

Now I think we are ready, so let's dive into our On page SEO Checklist for 2016:

 Uniqueness of Content on the page

 Our content should be a unique piece for both the search engines as well as for the user.Google has made it clear that plagiarized or duplicate content has no place in Googles search result with its most recent Panda update.


on page seo checklist for 2016 - on page seo factor of unique page content

 Site Structure

Second factor on our on page SEO checklist for 2016 is site structure and navigation. Websites navigation structure should be such that our most important pages are accessible from all pages of our websites and at the same time, deep or inside pages can be accessed in no more than 3 or 4 clicks.

on page seo checklist for 2016 - on page seo optimized website structure

 Content Keywords

Our targeted keywords should appear within the first 100 words of our page content.In this way, we help both the user and search engine to understand what our content speaks about.

on page seo checklist 2016 - On Page SEO Content Keywords

 Keyword Semantics

Using the same keywords, again and again, is not a recommended SEO practice. Semantic Keywords are keywords which are semantically related to our primary keywords.Using close variation or synonyms of our keyword will help us convey the page content in a better way to both users and search engines.In this way, we can also avoid unnecessary stuffing of keywords in our content.

on page seo checklist 2016 - on page seo semantic keywords

 Mobile Friendliness

We can make sure that our website is mobile optimized and has a responsive design for all mobile devices. As we know that mobile search has exceeded the desktop search, if our website is not mobile optimized, we may be losing a large chunk of our site traffic.


on page seo checklist 2016 - on page seo factor of mobile friendliness


on page seo checklist for 2016 - on page seo mobile friendly page test

 Page Loading Time

If our site takes more than 3 seconds to load, Google consider's it as a bad user experience which can seriously affect our search rankings. So faster the website better will be the user experience.

on page seo checklist 2016 - on page seo factor of page speed

 Page Title 

Our Seo Title should be unique for each and every page of our site. It should be inspiring for the user to click and should include our targeted Keywords.These keywords can appear at the beginning of our page title. We can limit our title tag to 60 characters or less, beyond which cannot be displayed in Googles search results.We can also include our companies brand name at the end of the title to increase brand awareness.It can also help search engines find our page more accurately while indexing.So it deserves a higher priority in our on page SEO checklist for 2016.

on page seo checklist for 2016 - Optimized on page title

 Page Meta Description

Similar to the title, our meta description should be unique for each page of our website and include our most important targeted keywords . The character length should be not more than 156 characters which should most probably say what the user can expect when he clicks that particular page in SERP. While describing the page, we can make the description enticing for the user. A call to action like ‘click here’ would do no harm.

on page seo checklist for 2016 - Optimized on page meta description

 Page URL

Our Page Permalink URL should be optimized with our targeted keywords. If we are optimizing for our product or inner page, maintaining the page hierarchy in the URL structure would help in the navigation structure of our website, and it is well-known fact that proper navigation structure is a core user experience factor for Google.

On page seo checklist 2016- Optimized On page URL

 Page Heading Tag

Our H1 tag should be conferred to our page title.It should speak what our content is about to the search engines in a similar manner as SEO title speaks to the user. Other heading tags like H2, H3 can be applied to other subtitles on the page or wherever appropriate.

on page seo checklist for 2016- On page seo heading tags

 Image Alt Attribute

We can include at least one image per web page, and if an image is present, we can complement the image with an alt attribute to make sure that search engine identifies the image and index it. The alt text can be one of our targeted keywords.So applying image alt attribute is another important factor in our on page SEO checklist for 2016.

on page seo checklist for 2016 - On Page Seo image alt attribute

 Page Content Word Count

We can target a word count of at least 500 words on each page of our website and if possible can try to achieve an ideal range of 500 - 1000 words. At last, how big or small our content doesn't matter as long as our content provides quality to the user. As we know, Google places a greater importance to Quality over quantity of content.

on page seo checklist 2016 - on page seo content word count

 Anchor Text

We should include our targeted keywords in the anchor text of our on page links.It is one of the recommended best practices for websites by Google.

on page seo checklist 2016 - on page seo content anchor text

 Internal Linking

We can provide our websites with internal links to help navigation to other relevant and important piece of content within our site .

on page seo checklist for 2016 - website interlinking

 Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons might not be a major on page factor, but it surely helps in engagement for our page which ultimate boost our page rankings.We can add social sharing buttons, review section or discussion section to encourage user interaction with the page.

On page seo Checklist 2016 - social sharing buttons

            By implementing the above on page SEO checklist, we can be more than sure that our website will achieve a higher place in Google search results.With on-page SEO efforts, we increase the page rank and domain authority of our websites. An authoritative external site will only be interested in linking to a site which is well optimized with great content and which meet Google's standards for quality websites. This is how our on page SEO efforts pave the way for off page or link building efforts.In other words, our on page SEO strategy lays the foundation for our future off page strategies

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I hope this checklist proved helpful to you in your on page website audit process. If so then do share your valuable suggestions and experiences with us in our comment section below


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03 February 2016
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