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White Hat Off Page SEO Techniques 2017

It's a well-known fact that links pointing to a website are one of the major factors that Google takes into account when ranking or displaying search results in 2017. In this blog, I’ll focus on few white hat off page seo techniques that will help your website get better domain authority, and likewise a better ranking in Google search. In the true sense, our link building strategy should be focusing on building links in quality and relevant websites within our niche so that they provide us with relevant website traffic rather than going blindly in search of irrelevant and spammy links in the name of link building.  Before diving into the Off Page SEO Techniques for 2017, you need to analyse your current backlink profile. Analysing your current backlinks is essential because there is a likely chance that you may be targeting the already acquired backlink. You can easily analyse your current backlink status using tools like Ahref, Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, etc.


Top White Hat Off Page SEO Techniques 2017


After analysing your current backlink profile, you can begin with your off page SEO strategy to gain more backlinks. The following white hat link building techniques will gain your website more authority in Google’s eyes in 2017 :


Competitor Link Analysis

Analysing your competitor link profile is the most beneficial link building strategy. Most beneficial because your competitor has already acquired the backlink, and there is a 90% chance that your website could also receive the same as you operate in the same niche as that of your competitor website.

For analysing the competitor's links, you can opt for a tool like Moz’s Open Site Explorer to find competitors inbound links. From the list of populated inbound links of your competitors, you may choose the links which have high domain authority as your link targets

Look out for non-profits (.org), govt (.gov) or educational (.edu) sites .They generally have high domain authority. Getting inbound links from these high domain authority sites may be tough but fruitful as Google values the authority and quality of the linking domain more than the number of links pointing to a website.

After analysing the list of competitors inbound links and comparing against your already acquired links, you can accordingly fix on a list of link targets.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Competitor Link Analysis

Creating Quality Content and Outreaching

This can be the most effective white hat link building strategy in 2017 if implemented properly.  Creating quality and relevant content that provides something useful to the audience will always attract natural links. For better results, you need to create comprehensive and in depth content which provides value to the user. Your content will be better served in SERP if the content is created in ‘Listed’ format. It is needless to say that your word count needs to be more than 2000 words. Once you have out in the effort to prepare articles of value, you can now focus on your outreach strategy through email or through social networking sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Creating quality content and outreaching

404 Broken Link Building

This type of off page SEO technique is beneficial both for your website and for the source website providing the link. 404 Broken Link Building involves finding a few high domain authority websites within your niche and figuring out if they have any broken links within their blogs or static website pages. After analysing the broken links, you need to double-check on whether you have written any blogs along similar lines. If not, you need to create a content piece to support our cause.

After generating a supporting content piece, you’ve to reach out to the website owner specifying that a broken link exists within their content and that we have written a content piece along similar lines. You may also ask them to link the content piece so that they remove their broken link and make their content piece more relevant and authoritative by giving you a backlink.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - 404 broken link building


Testimonial link Building

Testimonial off page technique can be considered as the most simple way to build links if executed wisely. Just find out a list of products and services you have subscribed, then provide a testimonial or review of that subscribed product or service. This type of link building is more efficient as you already have already established a relationship with the product or service provider by means of subscription.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Testimonial Link Building


Brand Mentions into Links 

If your brand already receives a lot of mentions, then this link strategy is for you. This technique involves collecting a list of brand mentions of your website using any SEO tool and reaching out to websites to convert your brand mentions into backlinks. This process also helps website visitors locate your brand. You can use a brand monitoring tool like SemRush for this purpose.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Brand Mention into links technique

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is probably one of the simplest ways to get a backlink if implemented in relevant websites.  The operational practice involves commenting on relevant and do follow blogs. Your comments should be relevant and should add value to the blog. This way, you’ll not only be able to get backlinks but also generate a healthy relationship with website owners.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Blog Commenting Link Building Technique

Building Visual Content Resources

Building visual resources like Infographics, Images, charts and diagrams can help you earn links faster than text-based content. These types of content attract more links as they can be easily understood when compared text based content. You can also share these types of visual content in authoritative  Image(Flickr, Instagram) and infographic sharing sites ( visual.ly) to earn backlinks.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Infographics and other visual content resources


Guest Blogging

This is a two way off page SEO technique where you request an external website to write for them or you publish articles of third party bloggers on your website. This technique helps in building links and website traffic. Even though this technique falls prey to a lot of unnecessary spamming, it still is a  great technique to improve your link profile and website traffic.

Off page SEO techniques 2017 - Guest Blogging


Direct Link Enquiry from Known Sources

This link building technique can be considered as a low hanging fruit in this list. You might ask for a link from all known sources who own websites that are relevant to your brand. Known sources may include friends, relatives, clients and/or colleagues.



The above link building checklist includes the best white hat off page techniques to get quality backlinks for your website in 2017. You may try all the techniques or few of them based on your current backlink profile. However, before implementing the above off page seo checklist, it’s essential that you’ve already followed the On Page SEO Checklist which acts as a foundation for your link building initiatives.

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