Mobile Apps For Small Businesses : Importance & SignificancePosted on 26 Oct by

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses : Importance & Significance

Just as most small businesses have come round to the notion that they need a website and social media presence to reach audiences online, many are now also recognizing that a mobile app can make them more accessible to customers. In fact, according to a new infographic from, mobile commerce will account for half of all online shopping by 2020!

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses: The time is now!

The Competition Already Has an App:

62% of small businesses already have a mobile app or will launch one soon. Creating an app just for the sake of it won’t translate to success, but you’ll be left out in the cold if you don’t act now and stay on par with other businesses in your niche.

Keeps All Customers Happy:

If you have online users or customers, then a percentage of them will already prefer using their mobile devices to access your site. Providing them with a mobile app is just another way to keep them happy.

More People Own Smartphones than PCs:

In fact, more people now have smartphones than they do desktop PCs. In the US millennial demographic, smartphone ownership is at 85%. It’s common business sense to go where the people are, and today it’s on their phone.

50% of Millennials Shop Via Mobile:

Particularly relevant to small online retailers – around half of millennials regularly shop online for products and services using their mobile device. The younger generation Y is at 40%, and 26% of older people also shop via mobile. In other words everyone is doing it!

There’s Money to Be Made:

In 2015, mobile app revenue was at $45 million. By the end of 2017 this is predicted to grow to $77 billion. Money is to be made if you launch a successful mobile app.

Provides Better Customer Support:

One area that makes up overall business success is customer support. Having a mobile app with a live chat feature or just user-friendly links to email tickets or phone numbers, can improve your relationship with customers.

Engages Customers:

You can keep your customers engaged on their mobile device with an app, through the use of push notifications. Never has there been such a direct line to your audience. Obviously you shouldn’t spam users to the point of them uninstalling the app, but alerting them with info they will genuinely appreciate is a good way to retain them long-term.

For more on why the time is right for small businesses to develop mobile apps, check out the full infographic from

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