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Having a business without a website is almost as good as not having a business at all. 

And having an incompetent website is even worse. 

Importance of Website

This does not only apply to companies who can sell online but is relevant to the normal brick-and-cement business as well. Customers don’t just buy over instinct anymore or walk-in ignorantly; they Google, read reviews, connect with previous customers and come into your office/store fully armed with information good enough to make their choice.

So, big or small, product or service, profit or non-profit, every organization undoubtedly needs to have a business website that delivers useful and engaging content backed with brilliant user experience.

Your website is not an auxiliary tool or an online business card. It is the face of your business - the primary touch point and needs to be as smart, refined and effective as your best salesman. 

So what matters most when building an effective business website?

  • It all begins with content. Businesses need to focus on their content creation and promotion mechanism to gain a natural competitive advantage and establish credibility. Businesses with authentic, consistent and quality content are perceived to be thought leaders and gain better brand value before their potential audience. The key is to make your website a problem-solving resource centre by deploying content effectively through blogs, whitepapers, e-books, videos and social media interactions. 
  • Anything digital thrives on design. Excellent web design integrates your overall brand strategy with effective user experience thereby making your website a critical communication asset for marketing. With the advent of "mobilegeddon" and responsive user interface, it is most important for businesses to strategically implement appealing and useful web designs to attract your potential customers. 
  • In this age of cut-throat competition, visibility is as valuable as sales. Without effective search engine and social media optimization, your website will suffer a severe handicap grabbing fewer eyeballs and bringing very little traffic. That means, you are allowing your competitors to beat you to a sale just because your website doesn't show up on the top of a search engine results page (SERP). Charge up your website with state of the art optimization tools and creative social media strategies to attract maximum results. 
  • Small and big organizations have a level playing field in the digital landscape. This makes likeability and resourcefulness major determinants of your success. One of the awesome things about marketing through your website is the potential to constantly innovate. By using power-packed web tools like a live chat software, mobile alert option or simply placing effective call-to-actions, there is every chance that your website channels off a larger competitors traffic.
  • Your website needs to be the heart and soul of your sales/business development team. While your average salesperson works 8-10 hours for day 5-6 days a week, your website holds your back working 24 X 7 X 365. Given this scenario, it is imperative for businesses to see their website as an important sales asset and equip it with all the necessary information, call to actions and contact details that would be available with your top salesperson. 
  • Your website maintenance is an ongoing process. To ensure optimum performance, businesses have to follow regular and continuous improvement measures in tune with changing buyer behaviour and interests. A recent news update or social media trend in your domain of expertise must be featured on your website to not only generate greater traffic but also employ competitive brand journalism improving the relevance of your overall content. 

Modern marketing is almost like a reality contest. You need to have masses liking your content and sharing it through inbound links so that Google identifies you as a top result for a related keyword. Much like you need audiences to like your performance and vote for you in a reality event. 

We identify websites as a core business asset and constantly utilize its potential to generate greater value for our clients. To know more on what and how we do it, check out our solutions page right away. We can help you craft an effective digital strategy for your business, tailored to attracting your potential customers.


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17 April 2015
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