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How to get started with online marketing!

How to get started with online marketing?, I get asked this question, whenever I meet a small business owner who hasn't actively started promoting their business online. 

Its always a challenge for long time small business owners to get started with online marketing. Most of them would have built their business with proven traditional marketing techniques. In the fast changing world of online marketing, the 5 steps below will help those who want to start testing the waters with online marketing.

Step 1 : Get your website right!

I know what you are thinking , it's very basic, but it's true that most of the websites aren't set up right. You have to look at many areas for finding issues which are affecting user experience of your website visitors.

Building a great website
Build a great user expeience


Step 2 : Set up analytics for your website

Your website is considered to be the hub of your online marketing activities. It would be hard to understand the benefits of marketing initiatives without knowing visitor activities in your website. Many of the website owners think, they will know the impact of marketing once customers knock at their store front. But understanding and optimizing the user experience at your website is as important as bringing potential customers to your website through online marketing.

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Set up Analytics
Understand Your Audience


Step 3 : Develop appealing content

Content is the currency of the web. People engages with your content after they identify your brand. Content is of high importance when it comes to online marketing. Content can take different forms such as content on a landing page in your site about services, video, blog posts, case studies, portfolio samples, testimonials, fact sheets etc.

Have a Story
Content is the currency of the web


Step 4 : Optimize the website for search

Being present in search engines is unavoidable in today's online marketing landscape. Today when potential customers start their purchase journey, they always start with a generic search in their favorite search engine. Make it easier for search engines to find you when potential customers search for their specific needs.

Search Engine Results
Have a good search ranking


Step 5 : Be Social 

Social media has an influence in decisions for almost all spheres of our lives.  Customers always would like to understand what others liked, they also would like to share what they liked with others. Make sure your content is appealing and easily shareable in social media platforms.

Social Publishing
Make your content share worthy


There is no magic stick when it comes to real results. Online marketing is still in its testing phase for many businesses. The best way to succeed in online marketing is by experimenting and taking calculated risks based on what you already know. Measure everything possible, analyze the results, keep doing the activities which worked, test alternatives for those ineffective activities.

All the best for your online marketing efforts.

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21 October 2015
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