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How Ramalingam became a Local SEO expert

You are a small business owner with less than 10 employees, zero prospect of selling online and with a single standalone store in a suburban location.

Will SEO help your business? Of course.

But, is a complete SEO package an economically feasible and reasonable strategy for your business?


Umm...maybe not.

This is where local SEO becomes a perfect fit giving you unending visibility, top-of-the-page rankings and effective branding options without even having to buy a web domain.

Surely having a well designed website benefits your cause, but to kick off your SEO marketing, it stands as no prerequisite.

As a representation of all standalone stores, let us take the example of a restaurant business to understand how local SEO could be useful.

Mr. Ramalingam is a south Indian restaurateur who amassed great results by putting the slightest effort into local SEO. 

Below is a step-by-step account of what he did.

  • Got a Google My Business account, put in a few details about his restaurant with pictures. Highlighted contact details and location information.
  • Signed up on Google Plus.
  • Signed up on online directories - Tripadvisor, Zomato, Food Panda, Indian Food Guide, Group Table and whatever else he found on the web.
  • Created a Facebook page, shared interesting stories on what happened around at the kitchen and prompted customers to share photos.
  • Included information regarding his social media presence on all printed marketing material - flyers, hoardings and visual merchandise prompting people to like, share and follow.
  • Brought engagement by responding to reviews, sharing marketing information and attractive content.

And what was the result ?

Local SEO Restaurant 1


Yeah, that may be exaggerated but the actual results aren’t any nominal.

Local SEO Restaurant business 2


The most amazing thing about local SEO after the fact that it is incredibly useful for small businesses is that it is really no rocket science. It doesn't require you to hire expensive SEO experts. Its a simple, systematic and consistent translation of your overall marketing efforts to the online space. If pursued with the necessary enthusiasm, it can even be enjoyable while driving great results for your business.

Though this is just the story of Ramalingam and his restaurant business, these results aren’t isolated to restaurants, cafes or bars. By adopting a systematic and creative digital approach, your business could be listed as the best in your location -be it a theatre, salon or whatever business you run under the sun that has a name, address and phone number.  

Having your number and address optimized online literally drives customers from their point of search to your doorstep. Customers who search from mobile phones have options to call or get directions right from their search results page as long as you have a number and address listed.


dosa (1)

With advancements in mobile optimization and Google adopting an aggressive mobile-friendly stance, the distance between a customer in need and the nearest internet-friendly business has shortened by leaps and bounds.

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