How Page Load Time Impacts your Website Conversion and How to Overcome ItPosted on 10 Jun by

How Page Load Time Impacts your Website Conversion and How to Overcome It

Waiting is really a hectic task for everyone. What if it happens when you are browsing through a website? Do you have the patience to wait for a slowly loading web page? I don’t think so! And I am quite sure that you won’t ever come back to that website. Yes! Page load time is definitely an important factor that determines the ranking in search engine. Clearly, it can be said that your business improves with the speed of your web page. Hence, if anyone needs to develop their sales or enhance the conversion rate, I strongly recommend you to speed up your website performance. Through this infographics, I have tried to bring out few tactics every business could follow to enhance their Web Page Load Time.

How Page Load Time affects your Website conversion  and how to overcome it

Page Load time impacts your conversion and how to overcome it


The team at has put together a great infographic with the latest stats and figures on how important page load speeds are in today’s digital age. Some of the stats are mind-boggling. You can access the same here.

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10 June 2016
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