MarTech: leveraging mobile and social platforms to transform brand strategyPosted on 21 Sep by

MarTech: leveraging mobile and social platforms to transform brand strategy

“Crafting brands for life - in a connected world”

This was the title of a keynote delivered by Rahul Welde, Vice President - Media, Unilever - the world’s largest media buyer and the third largest FMCG company at the IAA Summit 2015.


How Unilever leveraged mobile

The need to leverage mobile, though widely accepted hasn’t been effectively employed by traditional brands. This is mainly due to an incessant skepticism regarding its practical benefits and ROI. Paving way for counterparts and competitors, Unilever has shifted a large portion of its efforts to wield the power of digital marketing through owned media assets.

One of the most popular examples is that of the Recitweet - an innovative concept developed for Unilever’s mayonnaise brand - Hellman’s.




Creating a platform that instantly compiles recipes from Recepedia using Hellman’s mayonnaise, Recitweet became an instant social media sensation - engaging with customers at a whole new level.



Moving away from Unilever…

#ScoreWithData was not only the one of the most awarded campaigns of last but one of the greatest examples of how social analytics could be used to drive brand engagement. Building and applying an innovative social data plug-in, IBM’s World cup campaign stood out - bringing attention from all corners of the world.

Showcasing their extensive analytics and cloud capabilities, IBM drove the campaign using a social sentiment index, wisden impact index and a social media listening tool combining insights from Watson Technologies.


The campaign made its winning runs when sports reviewers across television and elsewhere began referring to their social scores during their pre-match analyses.

Ariel "Share's the load"

The benefits of marketing to a connected world does not always require creation of apps or complex tools - P&G as part of a multi-channel engagement effort, made the most of digital when they launched an innovative campaign for Ariel aimed at giving some respite from doing laundry and encouraging members of the household to “share the load”.


Taking data insights from Nielsen, the campaign ran over several phases including contests in association with Whirlpool which trended all over the Indian social media space.

With almost half a billion mobile internet users in India, the onus of creating meaningful digital assets across web and mobile lies upon every brand - irrespective of industry or category. Marketers and brand communicators need to constantly evolve along with digital technology to create innovative content and relevant platforms that directly cater to their users’ pain points.

Martech isn't just a phenomenon anymore, it is a tested winning strategy for brands.


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21 September 2015
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