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Why Hire PPC Expert

Can you manage your PPC campaign yourself or should you hire PPC expert for managing it? Well, that's a matter of discussion and let's have a look into it.

Ask a business owner, what they'd like most to have on their website, and they'll probably tell us "more traffic"! Any business owner with an online presence knows, to benefit from a business website, first of all, you need to drive traffic to the website.

There are two major players when it comes to attracting website traffic: Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. In the battle of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click management are in constant competition with one another. SEO is a gradual process, and thus businesses in competitive industries may never be able to reach and hold onto the number one ranking in a short span of time. This is where PPC advertising is beneficial. PPC is so attractive because it can quickly drive highly relevant traffic to a website in large amounts.

Many business owners try creating Google AdWords campaign and PPC AdWords management themselves and witness budget exhausting fast without any return. It takes lots of experience and understanding of how PPC works to properly set up and manage a Pay Per Click campaign. If you are just looking at PPC for the first time, remember, regarding lost hours and the waste of funds and regarding irrelevant and useless traffic, hiring a PPC professional will save you money.

I am pretty sure, You will definitely think about hiring a professional after reading this article.

The following are reasons why a business should hire PPC expert:

Keyword Research In PPC Management Isn’t Easy


Having the right keywords is everything in PPC management!

If keyword selection is not made in the right way, then business will instantly exhaust the total budget generating poor results. This is why PPC experts spend most of their time on keyword research throughout the process to identify a clear strategy that fits a client’s budget and targeting demands.

Keyword research is an ongoing process as well! Poorly performing terms will need to be eliminated and new profitable keywords should be uncovered.

There are several monthly subscription-based keyword research tools as well as free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, available that can give us some keyword ideas. But remember that, these are just tools that are simply there to assist you and not to provide an accurate list of keywords that are guaranteed to perform well for our campaign.

You could adopt to use paid tools, but these could be extremely expensive and push the overall costs of your PPC activity way above the cost of employing a PPC professional.


PPC Ad Copy

PPC Professional Plays a Significant Role In Landing Page Optimization 


The page that you are driving your PPC traffic to plays a significant role in the whole game.There are so many factors that you need to consider while creating landing pages.

If the content on your landing page isn’t properly optimized, it will hurt the quality score, resulting in lower ad positions and higher cost per click.

If the landing page is poorly designed, it won't satisfy the user and will result in low conversion rates. It requires constant testing and optimization to improve the performance to a higher level. A/B testing is one such tactic PPC experts use to compare different landing pages and increase conversion rate. That testing can convey the difference between a 1% and 5% conversion rate. This comes down to bringing a relevant and engaging landing page on your website. The less relevant your landing page, the more money you’re spending on conversions.

PPC experts understand the principles of landing page relevance and design and have a familiarity with testing tools and software.

Poor Ad Copy Could Harm Conversions


Ad copy is another part of the PPC campaign that is often misunderstood to be easy or irrelevant. Creating the right kind of Advert copy and using the powerful elements of the PPC platform (like ad extensions) is one of the core steps for building a successful PPC campaign.

The right ad copy can elevate your campaign’s click-through rate and will result in more conversions. Bad ad copies may not be tempting the user to click on or may not convey the right message that may invite irrelevant traffic, meaning you just waste lots of money.

You may have the perfect keywords to target and a great landing page ready to convert visitors, but if the ads don’t attract any clicks, then other works don't make any sense!

Experts have the ability to perform competitive research and understand how to create good ad copy by studying our audience, industry, competition, and goals. In short, writing strong ad copy is one of the most crucial parts of a PPC campaign, so you have to make sure that your ad copy is professionally written to attract our audience.

PPC Management Expert Easily Identifies Click Fraud


One may not have come across this term if he is new to PPC. It is the scenario where for some reason, another source is clicking your adverts and this is happening very regularly.

A beginner won't be probably knowing how to monitor click fraud. There may even be some auto-generated clicks to our ads that have nothing to do with click fraud but may be a bot trying to spider your site for whatever reason. Most of the major search engines now do random audits to seek to detect this behavior, but sometimes this could cost your PPC campaign dearly. You need to watch the stats and log files for suspicious activity, and when you feel there is click fraud going on, you may report to the search engine and request a refund.

It’s best to leave it to the experts if you aren't an analytical person or don’t have some technical expertise in this area.


click fraud


Staying Ahead of Technology Updates


Search Engines keep continually developing their products, procedures, and policies around the use of their technology. It is important that you can fully understand the software changes in the PPC frameworks when you are working with PPC.

Consider Google Adwords, which is technology rich framework including campaigns, ad groups, adverts, advanced keyword algorithms, analytics, ad extensions, reporting tools and much more. The product is developing all of the time, and it is imperative to catch the changes so that you could maximize the return on investment.

Usually, online marketers stay up to date with the latest trends by reading online news, journals, blogs, forums or attending events and tech programs. So those who are in the industry will always be on the top of the updates.

If a business person doesn't think he can do all these things, then it is best to hire an expert.

PPC Marketing Is All About Experience


Often, PPC experts may have worked with other clients in same industry and have competitive knowledge that can be applied to new accounts. Usually, paid search agencies won’t take on direct competitors as clients at the same time, but they would have worked with clients in the same industry in the past, and this experience would be a huge plus.

Beginners in PPC probably may not be knowing how to monitor results and strategies to work in the competitive market. So it is always beneficial to hire someone who has already bagged some years of experience in working with one or more competitors before and it would save you thousands of marketing dollars!

Success Demands Constant Tracking, Analysis, and Optimization


Building an ideal PPC campaign is a step by step process. It is impossible to create an error free high functioning campaign in a single day. You have to track continuously the campaign performance followed by proper analysis and optimization process, to build an ideal PPC campaign.

You might not be aware that experts are not only tracking the leads and sales, but also the origin of where the leads and sales came from!

The analysis of sales involves the effectiveness of details such as keyword, placement, location, gender, age and much more. Professionals can track and analyze what is working on the strategy and what is not and offer suggestions for changes. Better analysis helps you to know which placements and keywords are most effective in bringing conversions and you could act accordingly in the optimization stage.

All of this requires PPC and other technical skills and a good understanding of the platform (like Adwords). Without this knowledge, it would be best leaving these sorts of issues to the PPC specialist who is usually well versed in all of these aspects.


tracking & optimizing

Save Your Precious Time With The Help Of A PPC Professional


To set up and maintain an effective PPC campaign, an investment of several hours per week is needed. You need to observe the campaigns closely on a daily basis to find what is triggering the campaign and what is creating wastage of money and have to act accordingly to improve the campaign performance.

For business owners having few things to take care of at once, it can be overwhelming at times. It would be a wise move to have a professional PPC agency handle the campaigns, allowing yourself to focus on running the business and managing the day-to-day operations.

The Final Word


PPC could help businesses to gain new customers on a frequent basis.

If implemented correctly, you could enjoy the growth of your business through PPC!

As you know, PPC advertising requires a tremendous amount of time and know-how to be successful. Hiring a professional PPC agency to handle the campaign allows you to focus on running the business.

Meanwhile, the pay-per-click specialist delivers you solid ROI and growth in the business. The benefits of hiring a professional outweigh the costs so better save the time and money and let a professional manage your PPC campaigns.

Hope you find the blog useful. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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28 July 2016
  • Akhil is a Search Engine Marketing specialist at Webdura Technologies. He is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional with AdWords, Analytics and Hubspot certification.


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