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Google's Mobile First Index - Factors To Remember

Nowadays, most of us use a mobile device to search for answers on Google. Recently, Google Webmaster Central Blog (link) announced the future of search - Mobile First Index - different and a radical change from desktop indexing.

Now, you will be wondering what this mobile first index all about! It just means that the search engine has given priority for a desktop page content version over the mobile version in ranking the results. From now, Google will index only one page, and there won't be a separate index for both desktop and mobile.

Now you might be thinking is it mandatory for websites to be mobile friendly. Google says that it is ok if you only have the only desktop website. But, I would suggest you make your website mobile friendly. As Google considers the mobile first index, the desktop version website may struggle to make its way into a strong position in the search results.

At the same time, note that if you have a mobile friendly website which displays the same content as the desktop variant, you need not change anything. Here you just need to make that the website performance is optimally balanced. Now you may think what if there are separate variants? Here, we just have to make sure the following things happen:

1) No limit in content display via mobile devices

2) Both the mobile and desktop website use structured data

3) Use robots.txt testing tool to verify that your mobile-friendly can be accessed by Googlebot

4) If you have only verified your desktop site in search console, make sure that you verify the mobile version too

It's the time for business owners to ensure that their website performs well on mobile devices for mobile consumers. And, if you have a separate mobile and desktop site, make sure you have considered all the above measures to get your website ranked by mobile first index.

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17 January 2017
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