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Google My Business Page Update 2017

The latest update to the Google My Business listing page is aimed at bringing customers to the storefront and more importantly to your website. Optimizing the Google My Business listing for the latest update is mandatory to get a higher ranking in the local search platform, increase the click-through rate to the website and also to provide a better user experience.

Some of the new features for Google My Business listings page are:

Insights For Google My Business Photos:

Google My Business insights for the “Photos” section shows the number of photos associated with your listing. Here, you can compare how often your photos are viewed in comparison to your competitors.

The graph compares the photo data with that of the competitors. A “Photo View” graph shows the number of times the photo has been viewed by the users. The “Photo Quantity” graph shows the number of photos uploaded.

There is an option to adjust the timeframe and to access the data for the last 7, 30 or 90 days. To see the data for a specific day, hover over the graph.

Edit attributes for Business:

Google My Business has expanded its attributes for businesses. We can edit and review the attributes in the dashboard after accepting the update.

Add Menu/ Services To Google My Business Listing:

There are two types of menus you can add to Google My Business Listings:

  • Menu for eating/ drinking (Eg: Restaurants )
  • List of services  (Eg: Beauty salons, Repair shops etc.)

Here are some of the guidelines to be followed for the menu/services section:

  • The menu should be representative of items or services that are available for customers. For example: In the case of restaurants, the menu could feature a specific type of meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner and should have links to other pages.
  • The menu URLs should not be directly linked to the third-party ordering or delivery services.
  • If you are getting a third-party to manage your listings, then a consent for the same is mandatory.

GMB API gives Location Insights:

GMB API interacts with your business location information in the Google My Business server. Using Google My Business API you could automate actions such as:

  • Edit location information
  • Read & Respond to customers reviews
  • View insights for locations
  • Subscribing to push notifications for new customer reviews
  • Adding photos
  • Providing additional attributes for locations (Eg: Restaurants menu)
  • Inviting & Removing managers
  • Managing service-area business

Google My Business listing has a direct impact on the way a user interacts, so it is important to maintain, review & update your currents listing based on the latest update from Google. The GMB feature helps to build a more user-friendly and informative listing for the users. More Importantly, If you want to get your business listed in the top three for local search results, verify and optimize your Google Business listing today.

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26 May 2017
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