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Google AdWords Campaign Tutorial

In the last decade or so, digital marketers were in a constant race to rank their website on top of Google Search listings. Yes, we all know the benefit associated with good search listing, but all of us can’t be great Search Engine Optimizing wizards like Rand Fishkin or Neil Patel. Google too is aware of this fact, so it decided to make our life’s easy by introducing a tool called Google AdWords which allows our website to get listed on top of SERP in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC)  ads. Google AdWords has the potential to get us instant leads and conversion and can even double our ROI if properly managed. Through AdWords, we can show CPC (Cost Per Click) Ads which will also include a link to the landing page of our website. So let's go through a Google Adwords campaign tutorial to learn more about Google Adwords Campaigning .

Essential Component of a Google AdWords Campaign

Before starting a Google Adwords campaign, we should have a landing page on our website.This landing page is the page on which user will land after clicking your ads. Secondly, we need to have a thankyou page on our website. Thank you page is the page on which user will land after the performing the desired goal on your landing page .This desired goal might be form submission or a product purchase depending on your business.

Google Adwords Camapaign Tutorial - Landing and Thank you page

Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial :

So Let's dive into our Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial:


Starting a Google AdWords Campaign

The first step in starting a Google AdWords  campaign is you need to have a Gmail account to login into Google AdWords. As you login into AdWords account, you can click the campaign tab and start your first campaign.

Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial - Google Adwords Sign up

Creating AdWords Campaign

 The first step in starting an AdWords campaign is giving a campaign name and campaign type to our campaign. For campaign type, you will be given few options to choose .You can choose your campaign type based on your need and requirements. For eg if you need to just display your ad on google search results then Search Network Only Campaign type will be your best choice. But if you wish to reach your customers through search as well display then Search Network with Display Select will be your best option.

google adwords campaign tutorial - campaign name and type

You can also select the locations you want to target in your campaign as well as languages if you wish to target any country where English is not the main communicating language.

google adwords campaign location and languages settings

While creating a campaign you will be asked to set your default max bid i.e. the maximum cpc or the cost per click for your ads in the ad group as well as the daily budget which is the average amount you are comfortable spending each day for this campaign. If you have enough time to manage your budget then you can choose manual bidding or else AdWords can help you manage and maximize your clicks within your targeted budget by choosing the second available option.

 google adwords campaign cpc budget settings

You can also use ad extensions like sitelink, call or location and few other extensions based on the objective of your ads. The Sitelink ad extension will help you add few other landing pages along with the present destination url landing page, call extension will allow you to add your phone no with your ad whereas location extension will add your shop or any contact address along with your ad.

Google adwords campaign tutorial - adwords extensions

If you have selected your campaign type as all features, you will be provided with few additional advanced options like ad scheduling, ad delivery ,dynamic search ads and campaign url options which can provide flexibility while running your campaign. After filling all the campaign details hit save and continue then proceed to create your ad group.

Google Adwords campaign Tutorial - advanced settings

Creating Ad group and ad

  After creating a campaign you will be asked to create an ad group .In this step you can give a name to your ad group and start creating your ad .In the ad section you have to mention your ad heading, two lines of ad description and a valid display url (url displayed in your ad) and final Url (landing page url for your ad). The heading and two description lines have character limit so care should be given while conveying your message in a precise and effective manner to the user. In this step you will be asked to mention the keywords for which you want your ad to be displayed to the user. After creating your ad, Google will review your ad and will approve if found suitable according to its rules and policies. While creating the ad text you have to be careful about the character limits because if it exceeds the prescribed limit or is not according to Google’s policies then the ad won’t be approved by google for listing or displaying. You can create multiple ads in a particular ad group, Google will decide which is the best serving ad and will display accordingly.

Google adwords campaign tutorial - ad and adword creation

Keyword Selection and Quality Score

 You should choose keywords which are relevant to your landing page and ad which indirectly will improve your quality score or the score used by google to decide the position of your ad in the ad results. Your ad performance will ultimately depend on your quality score or vice versa. While selecting your keywords, you have the option to select the keywords as broad match (ads will appear in all possible variations and synonyms of the keywords), phrase match (in all close variations of that phrases) or exact match (exact term or close variations of the term) .After mentioning your keywords you have the option to include negative keywords which are the terms you don’t want your ads to appear when user searches. Negative keywords are used to provide you the right conversions for the clicks. For Eg if you sell only gents clothes then you can include women’s clothes, girl’s dresses in your negative keyword list so that your keyword doesn’t trigger for irrelevant queries.

Google adwords campaign tutorial - ad keyword selection

            Quality score is largely determined by the expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience of the user, each time your keyword matches the users search query.Your Ad rank, ad performance will largely depend on quality score of your ad or vice versa.

Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial - Google adwords quality score

In addition to expected CTR (Click Through Rate) ,ad -keyword relevance, landing page experience ,there are few other factors like historical performance of your campaigns , your ad group performance and similar other relevance factors which decides your final ad quality score .

Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial - Google Adwords Ad Quality score

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and Analysis

The final but the most important component of your adwords campaign setup is tracking of your thankyou page which will give the no of conversions recorded for the thankyou page .This data will be important to decide the performance of your campaign and to find the ratio of clicks or landing page visitors to the no of conversions recorded. This can be set up by means of google conversion tracking, in which you will install the adwords conversion tracking code in your goal conversion or thankyou page.
Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial -Google adwords conversion tracking
Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial - Google Analytics goal settings

 You can also set thankyou page goal in Google Analytics and check whether the adwords conversion data matches with your analytics data . Analytics data will provide a rich set of data that can be utilized for future adwords campaign.

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