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Step by Step Guide to Facebook Remarketing Campaign

If you happen to be a website owner and if your website generates a good amount of traffic but is not generating enough leads or conversions. The first question that pops in your head might be why are these people not converting? One possible reason might be that not all people buy a product or service on the first website visit .As most of them might be in different stage of the buying cycle, they might have visited your website with different research intentions. Having said that there is a good possibility that they might convert on the second visit. Here comes the importance of Facebook remarketing campaign , by which you can retarget your website visitors through Facebook ads.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign Guide 

Here are some important steps for running a Facebook remarketing campaign:

Creating Custom Audience

For collecting website visitor data, the first step in Facebook retargeting is to create a custom audience. You can select which custom audience you want to create and give a name to your custom audience. After creating a custom audience, you will get a custom remarketing pixel. (This pixel can be either pasted in the source code of your website or else you can create a custom remarketing tag in tag manager).This custom remarketing pixel will track the no of website visitors within a given time range you have setup


faceboo remarketing campaign - create custom audience

Essential component of Facebook campaign

Starting a Facebook campaign have few essential requirements without which a campaign cannot be run in Facebook. One of the essential component in a Facebook campaign is a campaign landing page (the page on which people will land after clicking our Facebook ads). The second essential component is a thank you page or goal conversion page (page on which people land after taking a required action on the landing page).Similarly, you can track the campaign landing page with Google analytics by installing the tag manager code on the campaign landing page.


facebook remarketing campaign - thankyou and landing page

Tracking setup before starting a campaign

For tracking a campaign , you have to make sure that your goal conversion or thank you page is properly tracked ( You can create a custom conversion tracking tag in tag manager using the  conversion tracking pixel provided by Facebook. This tag will fire whenever our goal completion page loads). Similarly, you can track the landing page with Google analytics by installing the one time tag manager code on the campaign landing page. 


facebook remarketing campaign - conversion tracking

Starting Facebook Campaign

For starting a campaign in Facebook, the first step is choosing a campaign objective. If your objective is to increase conversions on your website, then go ahead and choose that . After choosing website conversion as your campaign objective , next step is to add your campaign landing page URL (build through Google’s URL Builder)  and choosing a conversion pixel.


facebook remarketing campaign - campaign objective

Creating Facebook Campaign, Ad set and Ad

After mentioning campaign URL and mentioning conversion pixel, you can name your campaign and start setting up the account information.


facebook remarketing campaign - account info

In the Ad set, you will answer an important question of who is your target audience you are trying to reach out to. You can define your audience based on the product or service you provide. Adset will help you narrow down your target audience through a wide range of filtration options. This feature of Facebook remarketing makes Facebook ads powerful than any other mode of display ad campaigning.


facebook remarketing campaign - adset setup

After creating the Adset you can set up your daily budget which will define your estimated daily reach and also set up the scheduling time and date for your ad to be shown to your target audience.


facebook remarketing campaign - daily budget

The Ad section will define how your ad should be displayed for your target audience. In the ad section, you can select multiple or single image or video for your ad .Through this feature you can target multiple landing pages associated with multiple images using a single ad which increases your chances of conversion. After deciding on the creative (text, headline, description and call to action) for your ad, you can successfully submit your order to Facebook. Facebook will review your ad and approve it if it finds your ad eligible for display according to Facebook standards.


facebook remarketing campaign - facebook ads creative


facebook remarketing campaign - analytics goal setup

You can setup goals in analytics for measuring the no of conversions and to check whether it matches exactly with your Facebook data. Analytics data will help you to track audience, their geography and device used to enter your landing page which will help in creating successful future Facebook campaigns  

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