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How To Find Clients Using Social Media Marketing

Marketing  your business can be a pricey affair. However, investing in smart marketing strategies will benefit you in the long run but pumping in funds to support this activity can be a task especially if you are managing a start-up.

While most marketing ideas call for some financial inputs, using social media is one source of marketing which is free of cost and can help you reach a larger audience. All you need to do is to use what’s available to their maximum potential to display your service to potential customers in the most simple and impactful manner without being desperate in your pursuits.

Here are some of the best ways to market your service business using social media marketing.

Facebook to the rescue:

As we all are aware, Facebook is a big part of our life and your business can gain a lot of visibility if you ensure to stay active on this platform. Setting up a page dedicated to your business and following forums, discussions and groups via your page is the first step to use this platform to your advantage. Sharing content regularly without abrupt breaks is a key factor to keep the interest of the viewers constant. Sharing interesting facts, offers, events and other details pertaining to your business is another interesting way to spike interest of your potential customers.

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to make your presence felt. Joining groups pertaining to your area of expertise, actively participating in conversations, providing useful information and giving free and genuine advice to fellow members can be a great way to enhance your visibility and furnish your expertise. When someone sends in a query ensure to reply promptly with valid information without being too anxious or indifferent.

However, posting regularly can be a tiresome process, but fret not! There are many ways to ensure that you can schedule and boost your posts for maximum visibility. Facebook page manager helps you manage your page quite easily. Buffer is another simple app you can use to manage your social media updates. There’s also a Buffer extension for Google Chrome, making it a much simpler experience.

Start events, discussions and conversations to bring diversity in your social media presence. Also, Facebook ads are a great way to spread awareness about your services to potential customers.

Join the Twitter wagon:

One can tweet away to success-and this statement is no exaggeration! Twitter chats are a fantastic way to bring together individuals interested in a certain topic, industry, or company. Using relevant hashtags in your tweets will bring interested members to your profile. You can use Tweets and twitter chats to attract new customers from your target audience. Set the ball rolling by posting a relevant tweet, or a question and ensure to keep the conservation going with smart and contextual details.

Start conversations and encourage participants to use a certain hashtag to respond to it. Encourage participants to come up with suggestions, ideas, bring in their friends to discuss the topic in question. Frequently, Twitter chats are conducted at the same time every week, with a brand new topic to discuss each time. Ensure to have a set of rules and stay away from directly promoting products or services as it is usually frowned upon. However, twitter chats foster dialogue between individuals interested in similar themes and concepts, so you’re highly likely to connect and engage with some members of your target audience group. Conduct quizzes and host offers and giveaways to keep the audience engaged. Keeping the conversation organic and subtly including links to your content, products, or services that you believe will fit into the context is a great marketing strategy.

Try connecting with some leaders in your space and keep your eye out for relevant hashtags. It is not only important to start conversations, but participating in other conversations pertaining to your field of interest is just as necessary. Twitter is faster than Facebook in terms of interaction, hence be alert and keep the tweets coming!

Connect With Influencers:

This has become one of the most influential ways to use social media to your advantage. Potential customers aren’t the only people you should be focusing on. In addition to your target audience members, you need to engage with influencers famous in your area of expertise. These could be brands that aren’t direct competitors, bloggers or even renowned journalists.

If you’re able to connect and form a bond with even one influencer, your presence will be enhanced in front of potential customers. Influencers mentioning your products, reposting your posts are a great way to gain trust of their followers who may be a handsome number. Start a conversation with influencers in your domain by connecting with them via Facebook or Twitter. You can send in samples, and free products for reviews ensuring that their audience gets a first-hand look at your products or services. Of course, one needs to remember that your connection with these influencers is a two-way street. Put in the extra effort to share their content with your followers, and try to be part of their journey and help them achieve their own goals.

You can also connect with people you admire, colleagues, other freelancers or companies you’d love to work with, and your ideal customers. You can host interesting information on leaders in the field, conduct interviews etc. to keep the viewers interested.

Encourage conversations:

Often, a lot of small businesses make a common mistake- they simply put out their links and products repeatedly without any suitable content or context. This practice is not encouraged. Always keep in mind that one-sided conversations are not what potential customers are interested in.

It’s important to understand how to effectively promote your services and content on social media pages. Starting a conversation is important for getting noticed. The trick is to ensure they notice your post because if your posts are going unnoticed, your service is going unnoticed too.

Using links to your services without being pushy or desperate is key to using social media to your benefit. Links are an integral part of ensuring that you get enough traffic to your website. Make sure to take a strategic approach here. Only include links as part of a conversation or incorporate it into an interesting piece of text to entice the readers.  The goal is to create and maintain two-way conversations, keep the audience engaged and ensure that you are available promptly to reply to comments and messages that come your way. Listen to what your audience is asking for, and provide the content, information, products, or services that can help them out.

With these simple tips in mind, you can ensure that you are making the most of the social media that is so easily available at your disposal, by incurring little or no cost whatsoever. Hope you found this article on ‘How to find clients using social media marketing’ helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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