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It’s a fine morning and I will try to pick up from where I left off in my last writing. I have already shared the story of SEO (What is the “OLD” in SEO?). It was very simple but still some people disregarded and started to hunt other weaknesses of Google.

When people learnt that Google’s algorithm uses link as a metrics to calculate the Page authority, they tried putting all their efforts to acquire links no matter however and from wherever. This is the reason how and why link building came into existence. All the concept of link building was misapprehend by most of the marketers and they ended up in something which was not accepted by Google.

How gradually link building lost its originality ?

“Previously, Link building converted into link spamming” which meant creating links from places such as forums, link farms, directories, blogs, hubs, social bookmarks and an ever increasing number of other ways. There were many directories available which accepted low quality auto spun content which make no sense to the readers. It was just to get a link back from those websites.

I am not here to generalize that “Link building is dead or link building vanished”. But rather I will try and convince you about “a new form of link building that is content marketing.

“Now, link spamming got castigated and we have content marketing” as a concept which focuses on the quality of content. Truly, this is a very diverse approach and also very important aspect of Inbound marketing . We give more importance to content than acquiring links. Once you learn the art of making your content available to your customers, links will automatically follow.Here, you have to study in depth about your audience.

It’s a known fact that “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” So, to educate you better on this topic, below an infographics is provided which explains link building techniques and discuss why they may not be worth the effort.

Spammy Link Building Techniques

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23 April 2015
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