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Facebook Getting Advanced?

Like all other apps, Facebook is also trying to catch up the changing trends in the digital world. To compete with other apps, Facebook is thinking about new features that can enhance the engagement rate. For the past few months, there is much news regarding advanced features.

Alas! A majority of them are stillborn!

However, we hope Facebook being conscious about the user experience, will launch all the tested and testing features in the coming future. If so, then a lot more opportunities are waiting for the online advertisers.

Here are the latest features:

Facebook Videos goes offline

Facebook is planning to develop a feature that will help users watch videos offline like that on youtube. Interesting Right! If the feature is launched, then there will be an option where people can easily download the videos just in a single touch. For more: http://tcrn.ch/29ism6h

Facebook Is Planning To Test a Story Style feature called "Quick Updates."

"Quick Updates" will be buried in a unique part of the app and won't be available in newsfeed or profile. The primary objective is to provide people tools to share with whom they want, as opposed to wider News Feed broadcasting.Yes! Then you can share silly, unpolished and authentic content.

 However, it is a stillborn feature!!! Hope it will be launched shortly. For More: http://tcrn.ch/29X9pHQ

Facebook Messenger is experimenting with Disappearing messages

Though many apps use this feature, Facebook has not yet come up with such a feature. Here users can turn on the option like self-destructing messages in messenger where the messages will vanish after an hour or after the set time. If in group chat, anyone can turn on or turn off this feature. Will it be helpful? For more: http://tcrn.ch/29UkcRG

Facebook adds video search to withstand decline in original content sharing

Facebook has launched a dedicated video browsing hub and is announcing a video search engine. The experts feel that this can make users share the original content to a large extent. There is an advertising opportunity if it can make the company pay to make their clips in the top position. For more: http://tcrn.ch/2ab5lB9

Live Video in Trending Topic

Whenever a live video is available, facebook will show them in the search result pages. Hence, you can get a straight look at what is over there. It is a new live video destination where you can come across with many videos just by typing few keywords in the search bar.

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25 July 2016


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