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Facebook Auto Likes - Do Not Follow The Bandwagon

Facebook is one of the biggest success stories of the 21st century. Originally envisioned as a platform for friends to keep in touch, the platform has grown manifold into many different and vital parallels. Many of them are great, like Facebook Ads, providing the marketing community with one of the most efficient tools to reach out to the target audience.

But, as Facebook is today a highly commercial platform, with over a billion users, there are many automated tools developed and implemented into the system that could, in turn, affect your social profile. One such concept is Facebook auto like providers.

I believe that it is part of human nature to be appreciated for anything and everything that we do, even for a simple post on Facebook. This has given rise to an array of Facebook auto like providers which increase the number of likes for your images as well as a general post. Now, this concept has a lot of drawbacks. For starters, one has to register with an auto-like service provider. To do this, a user has to generate a token with the service provider which is essentially your Facebook password. This in itself is a breach of privacy, and your account could be accessed by interested parties.

Facebook auto like providers work in the form of a chain system. That is, when you register with a provider, you become part of a group that auto likes any and every post. You will like posts of users you have never met or even know about. This could result in your 'like' being registered for a post that may be insensitive without your knowledge and vice versa. Also, your posts will be made public to the entire ecosystem and messages may be sent on your behalf without prior approval from your end. All these are on a highly automated level as you’ll be giving the provider access to your account.

Facebook auto like providers are not a valid and ethical way of generating likes for your posts. It is not a sensible decision to register with Facebook auto like providers as they could affect your social presence in a negative manner. I strongly recommend that you disable these services if you have already registered with any. The saying “Better Safe than Sorry” makes for a case in this regard. Do not join this bandwagon of generating more likes for your post and put your privacy, which is your right, at risk.

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24 February 2017


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