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Everything You Didn’t Know About WordPress

If you’re an avid internet user, there’s no way you haven’t used WordPress at least once, or at least heard of it. It is the biggest open source website creation tool and the most user-friendly one.

It shares almost 60% of the market, outnumbering the second place (Joomla) ten times! That doesn’t come as a surprise at all, considering that it offers more than 46,000 free plugins and 4,000 free themes. And the users seem to enjoy it more as time goes by – there are written almost 70 million new posts every month.

Although it was created in 2003, WordPress has doubled its page-views in the last four years, going from 11.2 billion in July 2013 to an outstanding 22.2 billion in July 2016.

The platform currently serves more than 17 million websites, in a various range of domains, like mass-media, technology blogs, and or websites of brands and companies. For those of you who didn’t know what Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Digg, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz and Star Wars have in common – you found it. They all use WordPress.

Moreover, celebrities like Kobe Bryant, Jay Z, Sylvester Stallone or Tom Jones are enthusiastic users of this platform and contribute to the astonishing number of words written daily – over 548 million.

As expected, such a well-oiled machine is part of a larger structure. Automattic is the parent company of WordPress and counts more than 490 employees at the moment. Envato is the company that produces plugins and themes for WordPress, and has earned about $400 million in 2015 alone!

But where does the money come from if it is a free platform?

Apart from the free plugins and themes, WordPress also has a range of paid features. Themes like Avada, The X Theme or Enfold are constantly sought for and are bought by at least 2,000 users monthly. And even more paid plugins are used – for example, Visual Composer is a tool that allows you to build a webpage element by element. Coincidentally or not, it is also the Top 1 most bought plugin.

Another plugin that users are eager to pay money for is Slider Revolution, which displays your blog’s content as slides. You control the fonts, the timer, the thumbnails and pretty much everything.

But being such a popular platform comes with a price – WordPress was the target of many hacker attacks. To be more exact, 78% of all attacks registered on similar platforms are attributed to it. This means that about 18 million users have been compromised as a result of these attacks. Moreover, in 2014, 5 million accounts were leaked, and WordPress reset the password for 100,000 users, as a safety measure.

Even if the use of such platforms involves certain security risks, WordPress still manages to be ahead of their competitors. For more features, plugins, and themes you could use, check out the infographic below Skilled.co

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16 October 2017
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