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Content Marketing Trends 2018

The time has come to accept the fact that change is the only constant around us. It assumes more importance with regard to content marketing. For start-ups, content marketing forms the most crucial channel for growth. For many other brands, content marketing is important.

Content marketers are riding one constant fear always: when the content ultimately ends up in line with the customers’ habits and likes, the customers develop new habits and new likes. Does content marketing work at all? However, statistics point to the fact that for organizations that had earlier spent time and money appropriately on content marketing, those investments are paying off. This article, attempts to point to the big changes that would transform content marketing in the year 2018.

Content Strategies 2018:

Now, from creation to marketing and distribution of content, it is tech that tells brands apart. New technology is released every day forcing brands to change their ways and reach out to customers even before they know what they are trying to conquer. Experts say, this is a sure-fire way of using up resources without great results. The way out of all this in 2018, experts say, is back to the basics.

Content marketing trends 2018 is all about how content can be used to make every single interaction with the customer more effective than before. For any organization, to churn out content, it is necessary to assess the content requirement and organizational needs and then deliver it appropriately to the people that you want to reach out to. This step also includes a content audit wherein the organization needs to understand in depth the personas of the audience and what they look out for. The content strategy should include these four factors: the goals, the tactics, the research, and the metrics. Only then will there be effectiveness. The strategy needs to be documented at every stage to help the organization achieve its goals.

Content Marketing Trends 2018:

Trend #1: Social networking platforms will soon turn into publishers

Social networking sites are planning to publish content on their own. An example is Facebook’s Instant Articles option, and Snapchat and Instagram’s article linking features that allow the users to read the articles they want instantly with the swipe of a finger. However, this does not mean the end of the small businesses’ attempts to reach out to their audiences from their Facebook pages with go-to links. The social networking sites are still important channels that will help to drive the audience back to your own site.

Trend #2: There will be more of video content

It is predicted that there will be a continuing trend of more videos in the content that is published to attract the user’s’ attention. Facebook is putting more emphasis on video. That people pay more attention to video content is a long-known truth. The harder truth is that video pays. A majority of marketers have seen more ROI from video. If you are a publisher of the type of content that is not traditionally suited for video, then it pays to think how you can change and capitalize on this trend.

Trend #3: There will be more of valuable content

According to market experts, top bloggers are publishing fewer stories. Simultaneously, it has been observed that the average length of the written articles has increased. Rightfully, one can assume that quality is taking over quantity. Fewer articles that have more in-depth content will be among the content trends 2018. Marketing gurus are professing to write breakthrough or ‘WOW’ content to get the attention of the readers. It can be an impressive motion video or a thought-provoking written piece.

Trend #4: Machine learning technologies will become more important

The content marketing strategy will rely more on enabling one-on-one conversations with the buyer through the social media platforms. This has been found to elicit good responses from the buyer. Machine learning technologies will be all about forming messages to be specifically seen by an individual at the right time. Nevertheless, at present, companies are finding it difficult to accomplish this effectively. Therefore the content marketing strategy in 2018 will focus on conversations that can be held with the prospective customer. This will blur the division between traditional sales and content marketing. The extent of content personalization and precise analytics play an important part and will both be backed by improvement in advanced technology.

Trend #5: The virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) stakes will be big

It is believed that VR/AR will have larger involvements in 2018. Its larger presence and availability will make for brand new opportunities for content marketers. Interactive graphics and video content is likely to be the name of the game. Interactive content is a way in which the audience is made to feel more involved with the content being shared.

Trend #6: Content production will become a deliberate process

The creative skill and content output are likely to be organized into a process to ensure the reliability and efficiency. There will be multiple people involved in the process of content production: for the drafts, editing work, setting up the final drafts, client preview and the final content publishing. The approach taken would be in line with media publishing. Managers at higher levels can be assigned to identify errors and get them corrected. It is not simply enough to just have a team of content writers. Creative talent who can communicate with the intended audience is likely to be hired. They will need to have a combination of skills that include expertise in subject matter as well as storytelling. It seems that at the end, the process itself will become as important as how much the content is right now. Those who would invest in these in the next year would be reaping big dividends in the coming years.

Finally, wrapping up, though these are predicted to be the content trends in 2018, it is the best for every organization or individual entrepreneur to do diligent research to see how each of these trends can help to support their content marketing strategies in 2018.

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