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Content Marketing is not just blogging!

Ever since content was identified as a fundamental marketing strategy for every organization, marketers created for themselves a holy commandment which they preached to peers and clients alike - “Thou shalt keep blogging whether thou liketh it or not”.
And with the increasing noise about brands being publishers and consistent bloggers, people have begun confining the entire ideology of content marketing to merely writing blog posts. Sadly, this is not the case. As much as you love or hate blogging, simply shoving out chunks of content on your website on a daily or weekly frequency, does very little to create actual value to your brand. Though the benefits of thought leadership and creating searchable content assets remain with blogging, it is essential to take a more holistic approach to enjoy the benefits of sharing branded content. Create a concept around your contentThough we all understand the value of quality over quantity and relevance over size, we tend to create mediocre content every once in awhile for a variety of reasons like consistency or client commitment.
Content marketing is not just blogging - Rand fishkin of Moz
One of the best ways of inspiring creativity into your content is adding a unique delivery model wrapped around a concept. It could be a storytelling pattern, a simple audio option or an entirely innovative concept like the Whiteboard Friday by Moz or the GaryVee episodes by Gary Vaynerchuk. Move from just publishing to media+publishingBrands being publishers is great. But that’s definitely not the end of it. Brand journalism through blogs alone is like doing news only through print. The digital space brings together all other forms of media giving you the opportunity to publish not just in words, but in videos, audios and graphics.
Content Marketing is not just blogging - Oreo Daily Twist Ad Campaign
This makes it very important for brands to move from piling together posts over posts and beginning to create varied content assets across the multiple digital channels. The greatest example of a brand pursuing an innovative content strategy was the 100 days of Oreo campaign which not only went viral among its audience but created a ripple effect in all of digital advertising ever since. Leverage different kinds of content opportunitiesWe need to recognize the existence and significance of other content opportunities such as the super popular video marketing, podcasts, slides, infographics, interviews, lists, downloadable whitepapers, checklists and even cartoons (if that’s your thing). One of my recent favorites when its comes to varied content is article lists, that serve all the benefits of a blog in a more engaging and appealing pattern. Synchronize your message across social platformsThe chances of people finding you without any social promotion is almost nil unless you are Forbes or the Huffington Post. So while pursuing your regular social media marketing, it becomes crucial for brands to synchronize their promotional messages in tune with their content goals. Also, craft social specific content that caters to the wider audience on social media - be it publishing on LinkedIn Pulse, creating infographics from Pinterest content or making the most of Dubsmash like Kingfisher did. If you have ideas of how brands can pursue content marketing more effectively do share them with us at the comments section.  

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13 October 2015
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