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The Best Content Curation Tools 2018

For those that do not know what content curation is, it is the art of finding relevant material for your audience from multiple sources and sharing it through your communication channel in a manner that they like. Now, content curation is fun, it is a responsible job, and it is important. A content marketer can, therefore, curate content from trending information pieces, infographics, blogs, etc., and prepare their own content and then share it through an appropriate communication channel with the audience.

There are many advantages of content curation: you can get new ideas, you can find top-quality information to link with, and, of course, get inspired. Content curation can, however, be overwhelming when you pore over huge volumes of information. It is also time-consuming. For these reasons, there are a number of content curation tools which can help you with the job and make it easier. Read on for a brief discussion on the best content curation tools in 2018.

If you are a beginner in the field, it is a good idea to go for free content curation tools. The ones listed below have the advantage that they are free content curation tools, they are simple to use, there is no subscription to be paid, and the screens are easy to understand and navigate through.

#1: Pocket:

Pocket is a kind of repository for the content that you find interesting. Whether it is plain word files or videos, links, or images, you can keep them all in Pocket. It facilitates grouping all articles and referencing them with the help of tags. The search function of Pocket makes it easy to spot the article that you are looking for at a later point in time. Pocket is also designed to integrate with over 500 apps and this functionality helps to integrate content with ease. Pocket also helps curator enthusiasts by posting tweets of their most-saved items (@PocketHits).

#2: Twitter Lists:

This is a convenient and easy way to curate content if you are able to organize your Twitter lists well. You can curate the different Twitter users whose content you appreciate and follow and put them on a separate list. It would not be of much help if they lie amidst all the other Twitter accounts. Now, just in case you have an account in Pocket, it would be best for you to save the articles into that account for later reading.

For those who have a little more experience in content curation, it may be worthwhile to think of paying a subscription and getting your regular measure of content, feeds and news. Listed below are a couple of paid options which you can check out.

#3: Feedly:

Content curation is done using two methods in this software package. The web browsing method allows the user to visit one site at any time, and copy a URL. The second method allows for aggregation of news. If you add your personal favourite sources to Feedly, you can browse through all of the feeds at one single place. This can be done from either a mobile device or a laptop. The fee options are different and vary from free option to $18 per user per for a month.


It is a pleasant experience to use software for content curation. It works by classifying more than 35 million pages’ content on the web in an organized fashion. The tool is designed to edit, filter and share the relevant content. The interface is simple and makes it easy to find shareable articles. also sends out a daily updated list of the topics that the users follow. The free version of permits the user to monitor a single topic on two social media platforms. However, the paid option allows following of many topics across all your social media accounts.

The advanced content curation software is for enterprise level curation work that needs to be done. This is advanced enough to be used simultaneously by editors, curators, and users. The software packages are advanced enough to allow publishing of curated content on selected channels, a publishing platform that is centralized and find out relevant content for a specific audience. Read on to find out more about specific examples of enterprise content curating software.

#5: Curata:

This software works at an enterprise level. The curation engine (INSPIRE) is designed to spot high-quality content to suit specific requirements. The labour required for doing this is minimal and is its strong point. Curated content can be distributed to specific channels (blogs, social platforms, newsletters, etc.) from a centralized platform. It is a robust software package. However, there is no free version. The lowest subscription plans start at $499 per month making it a rather pricey alternative. This is best used for advanced and complex curating needs.

#6: PublishThis:

PublishThis is popular for the reason that it has a powerful curation engine to pick out high-quality content. It runs at an enterprise level. The creators are confident enough to claim that using this software can triple the social reach, generate over 250 percent more revenue and only take one-fifth of the time. In short, this tool can help you to improve content sharing with the least amount of effort. The cost of PublishThis is available on request.


Before going on to choose content curating software for your organization, it is a good idea to evaluate your specific needs and the size of the enterprise. For a one-man marketing organization, the beginner or intermediate software package options should prove sufficient. If you have a large team, then the best choice would be an enterprise option. Content curation always plays a vital part in the marketing strategy. You can earn the trust of your audience by curating and only posting content that is worth reading.

Using the best content curation tools is perhaps the easiest way to find information that will ultimately end up in the form of high-quality resources for your clients.

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