A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that can double your leads within 12 MonthsPosted on 27 May by

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that can double your leads within 12 Months

The digital revolution has empowered customers with more choice, more influence over their buying process. This change enabled customers more tools at their disposal to take an informed decision about their purchases. A simple tap on your phone will offer in-depth information about various businesses, products, and services.

Why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy

The new customer journey is complex. From the time they become aware of their needs or problem, they embark on a continuous research process using different digital touch points. Digital has empowered consumers to have information about a product or service independently in ways that are unimaginable before.

Digital Customer Purchase Journey
Customers interact with different channels while taking purchase decisions[/caption]

Image Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

More control to consumers means their purchase path is no more a linear motion; earlier it used to be a pattern which brands had an opportunity to lead the decision journey. Today they go back and forth in a nonlinear fashion engaging through different digital channels in their path to purchase. In fact in many industries, sixty percentage of the buying decision is made before customers contact a sales representative.

Top Conversion Paths
The channels visitors engaged before converting[/caption]

Image source: Google Analytics top conversion paths report

A comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy to double your lead generation

A Digital Marketing Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve the digital marketing objectives of an organization.

SEO, PPC and Social in isolation are not equal to a digital marketing strategy. Whenever we talk about digital marketing and ways to achieve exponential growth, we mostly refer to efforts focused on either SEO or PPC and so on. While each marketing channels has its unique way of reaching customers at different stages, relying only on individual tactics like these cannot guarantee a result that is sustainable for any organization.

A goal of doubling your leads within One Year needs a comprehensive digital marketing strategy touching all buyer stages in the journey to purchase. Our team at Webdura follows the framework below to achieve lead generation goals for our clients. This approach considers every stage of a buyer journey and engages them through the most effective digital marketing channels for each stage.

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework
A comprehensive digital marketing strategy framework to double leads within One Year[/caption]


How our strategy double your leads

Well, I must admit the fact that 100% increase in any given result is hard work. Of course doubling the scale of current activities is the best bet, but an efficient approach to this challenge call for a mix of hard work as well as smart thinking.

The hard work part calls for bringing in more qualified prospects to the marketing funnel with highly targeted marketing. It involves both organic and paid marketing initiatives. The focus should be on attracting more effective traffic through various marketing channels.

On the other hand, smart thinking will focus on identifying areas that aren't working well in the conversion process. There could be many reasons for prospects not getting converted. Our focus here should be measuring all of those interactions that give us insights on where the user is dropping out. Once you understand the problematic areas, we can then come up with possible solutions for identified issues.

How a digital marketing strategy works to double leads in 12 Months time
How the digital marketing strategy works to double leads generated.[/caption]

Then comes the important part, we should be testing various solutions to determine the best option for any given problem. Once a winning solution emerges, implement those solutions across campaigns and properties to increase conversions.


While it is tempting to start getting into a technique which works for similar businesses, an ideal approach will be to look at your objectives. If you are in for a long term and trying to build a brand in the digital space, you should be paying attention to a digital marketing strategy.

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