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Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

With the growing presence of social media in our lives, it is no surprise that ads on various platforms are benefiting businesses in a big way. There has been a spiralling growth in more businesses opting for Facebook Ads to reach a larger audience. It comes as no surprise that about 92% of marketing strategies now adopt Facebook as the smartest way to advertise their services. While the trend is catching on, they are not achieving the desired ROI.

Here are a few pointers on common Facebook ad mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Targeting the right audience:

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Before creating ads, one must understand their target audience. It is of utmost importance to study varied factors like age, gender, location, lifestyle, nationality etc. of their potential customers. Facebook comes with a feature that allows us to choose our target audience with respect to their age group, gender, location etc. and most ad makers target the wrong audience which happens due to lack of study of their potential clientele.

You can use Google Analytics (GA) to analyse the traffic landing on your site, and ensure that your ad targets that region. Another important trick is to find the right audience size. Yet again, Facebook itself comes to your rescue with a dial that will help you pick the right audience size. You can find this dial on the right sidebar when you are selecting your target audience.

2. Blurry advertising objectives:

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

No matter what the mode of marketing, there are some basic principles that one needs to adhere to. A clearly demarked objective is one of the key factors that determine the success of your ad, and if you select the wrong objective, it may lead to an ad that does not live up to the expectations. Hence, when you make an ad, chalk out your goal to ensure that the ad targets the right audience, and achieves the predetermined objectives.

3. Ensure to seek attention:

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

You do not have to be an advertising expert to know that a captivating image is what draws attention. Research proves that people often respond to an ad by first viewing the image, followed by the headline and then the text. This clearly highlights the significance of the right image. Make sure to choose a captivating image without being trashy or vulgar. Use colourful images that are relevant to your area of expertise. Apart from the relevance, the quality of the image is also important, so make sure you pick a high-quality image that is free of watermarks. If you can opt for customised images, nothing quite like it to give your audience a niche experience.

If you have chosen the right image, but the headline doesn’t appeal- it is still a poor ad and the audience will not read the text, which might have the most amount of information. Customers are more inclined to follow your ad if you highlight the benefits more than the features. Make sure that your headline hits the mark with quirky, concise and appealing matter. You can use Co-schedule Analyser to better your headlines.

Lastly, don’t forget the text. After picking the right image and an appealing headline, the text has to retain the attention of your audience. Asking questions, using facts and quirky lines will enhance communication with your audience. Just like the headlines keep your posts concise and to the point. Another study says that posts with 80 characters or lesser, have 66% higher engagement than posts with long messages. If your ad cannot be read or understood in five seconds and doesn’t encapsulate how it's better than its competitors, then you should rework your ad to hit the right chords.

4. Experiment your way to better ads:

Have you have tried to run an ad but with little success? While this may be due to varied reasons discussed in this post, forgoing Facebook ads due to this particular reason is an unwise move. The key here is to experiment by changing different variables in your ad for optimised effect.

You could start with experimenting with different types of images, posting different captions or choosing different audience or even running the ad at different times. As you keep experimenting with different factors, document the response to each change to understand what works better for you. This will help you generate ads that are successful in achieving your goal.

5. Exclude Past Conversions:

<Common Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

If you’ve created Facebook campaigns before, make sure to exclude those that you have already converted. It is one of the most common mistakes made, that can result in the failure of the ad. The message conveyed is irrelevant and does not appeal to those you’ve already converted. Facebook helps once again by letting you choose custom audience. You can use this feature when you are choosing your target audience. It helps you create a list of people who have already landed on specific pages on your site and excludes them from being targeted again.

6. Utilise Facebook Pixels:

Common Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Facebook comes with a feature of tracking metrics like click-through rates. However, Off-site conversions are not tracked unless enabled by the maker. But as the marketer you should set up conversion tracking to keep track of your audience. Install Facebook Pixels on your website for this purpose ( you can install this by reading the Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide).

7. Optimise video ads:

Sometimes video ads auto-play without sound, as you pause or hover over it while you are scrolling through your Facebook feed. In a recent study, Facebook concluded that 80% of people react negatively to both the medium and the ad when a video automatically plays. The same study also found that 41% of videos were rendered meaningless without sound making it a waste of time, effort, and money that’s invested in making the ad. Another irksome feature of video ads is lack of captions and the typography used in ads. Make sure you are using impactful and concise captions and content in the videos to make them more appealing.

Facebook ads are slowly but surely making a mark. To err is human, but it is important to learn from your mistakes and adopt ways to overcome these errors. Keeping track of your audience, experimenting with ads, targeting the right audience and maintaining frequency and appearance of ads will help you enhance the appeal of ads to your potential clientele. Hope you found this blog on ‘Common Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them’ helpful. If you’re looking for an agency with expertise in managing Facebook ads, then we would more than glad to help. Reach out to us as contact[@]

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