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How Colour Affects Customers

The psychology of colour plays an important role when it comes to modern-day marketing and sales. Subconsciously, colours have a lasting impact on users and certain colours have more effect than others. While colours do have an aesthetic quotient associated with them, it also plays a vital role in evoking emotions.

To have an understanding about the psychological effects of colours on users play a major role in branding campaigns, especially for brands offering services/products online. Almost 85% of users have attributed their spends on the colour the product is associated with and nearly 93% look at the overall appearance before committing to a purchase.

This info-graphic on How Colour Affects Customers is aimed towards giving you an overall idea as to how colours impact your branding and in turn sales.


The above info-graphic only gives you an overall idea about colour and its effect on customers. The key is for brands to identify a colour which reflects their identity and target the audience accordingly. An in-house research is vital to the entire process. Note that colour is one of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign. It not only brings emphasis to a design but also generates that instant trigger amongst the target audience.

Hope you all liked the info-graphic on How Colour Affects Customers. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

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09 January 2017
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