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Checklist For Optimizing Google Business Listing

I am pretty sure that you all have wondered, at least once, as to how the search engines are showcasing Google Business Listing in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP), especially the ones shown as part of the snack pack – the top three search results !

Let’s get more specific and learn how by following a few simple steps your business can be a part of the Google Listing, as it plays a vital role in the ranking algorithm being followed by the world’s most trusted search provider.

To rank your business in the listing page, the first step is to register using the Google Business Page, which is a free service. The most important aspect here is to ensure that accurate information is provided to ensure better ranking.

One must also follow the below pre-requisites while making a Google Business page account:

1) ENSURE NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) CONSISTENCY:

While creating a Google Business page account, make sure that the NAP inputs are consistent and relevant. The name of the business, address and the local phone number must be double-checked and validated. Any discrepancies will directly affect the Google Business Listing as NAP acts as a foundation for the search engine to prioritize its ranking system.



Ground Floor, Vismaya Building

Infopark, Kochi- 682042

Kerala , India



Ground Floor, Vismaya Building


Kochi- 682042

One can edit the NAP data in the Google Business Page as and when necessary, but only after the page is verified. After updating the details, a warning sign is shown in the form of a final confirmation before the changes can be saved. However, one has to keep in mind that the final changes will only be reflected after 3 days.

(How to verify your Business Page-

2) Selection Of Appropriate Category:

In the Google Business Page, there is an option to add a business under a particular category. The chosen category must be relevant to the services being offered to ensure proper authentication. One could also add extra categories to better define the business model.

3) Schedule Business Working Hours:

It is always a good idea to include the working hours of your firm to help customers who are trying to avail your services/products. Accurate working hours must be added under this section.

For Example: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

There is also an option to include additional details regarding working hours during festive seasons and other holidays. Note that this can only be done after entering the regular working hours of your firm.

3) Addition of Exact Photos:

Adding relevant images to your business page is another important factor. There are six important sections here to be followed.

Identity Photos – Here one has to deal with three aspects. They include Profile Photo, Logo and Cover Photo. It is necessary to add the most relevant and appropriate photos for each of them. The picture to be displayed in the search results can be chosen from the three vertical dots shown in the page.

Interior Photos – The pictures uploaded to this category helps customers understand the overall ambience of your work space.

Exterior Photos – Here, one can include the exterior images of your outlet/firm. These pics will help customers to easily identify the location. Example: Adding a storefront image of your Restaurant will help customers to easily locate the spot.

Photos At Work- Relevant images will help customers to better understand the services being offered along with the work culture being followed.

Team Photos- This section shows the team that represent your business.

Additional photos- Photos that cannot be included in the above mentioned categories can be added in the additional photos section.

4) Option to Review Services:

To be open to reviews from customers is an important factor affecting your Google business listing. Feedback from third-party websites can be showcased but the first priority lies with Google and the reviews submitted directly via their platform.

One could get satisfied customers to share their feedback as it plays a vital role in building the reputation of a brand and in turn more visitors/enquires.

5) Introduction to the Business:

The introduction section will help you highlight your business and the services being offered. Links to websites and other digital assets must be included in this section. Make sure to include Hyperlinks, to properly direct the visitors to specific sites, and detailed information regarding the philosophy being followed.

On the whole, the position of your website on the Google Business Listing depends on proper optimization of the data being shared and it is vital to have this followed to the core for positive results. One can also keep track of the message box in the Google business page to check its overall completeness.

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