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How to deal with Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are one of the major troubles faced by most business owners. With online feedback affecting brand image almost real time, businesses have been on the lookout for dependable customer service models that keep negative PR under control. 

To begin with, there is no single way in which you can get rid of negative reviews. But there are certain practices by which you can tackle them without causing much damage to your reputation. Here are five of the most reliable tips you can use to deal with poor customer reviews.

  1. Acknowledge the feedback, look into it right away!

The success of consumer grievance redressal especially in the online space depends largely on the turn around time taken to acknowledge and respond to a feedback. With customers taking to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to post complaints, even a matter of hours can give the feedback widespread reach amplifying damage and putting greater pressure on you to respond.

  1. Fix the problem - at any cost!

However unreasonable you may feel it is, make sure you put your time and money into keeping even your tiniest complainant happy. Though you may feel his bill wasn’t worth the effort, see it as an opportunity cost to open up greater goodwill or a cost to avoid greater damages. It is crucial to understand that even your smallest customer is capable of creating massive damage if he/she really decides to go after you. Make sure you avoid that risk and keep things at bay at the earliest.

  1. Even when you can’t repair it, still acknowledge it !

Not all businesses can make up for alleged customer service goof-ups and sometimes you just come across conmen who try to take advantage of your sensitive online reputation. With professional services such as lawyers and doctors getting online, most of their reputation management strategy must go into communicating in a way that simply shows that they do give a damn.

Just lending your ears to complainants and addressing them smartly can limit damage to a great extent. And this applies only to feedback that comes through social or professional sites such as your website, blog, social media or popular review sites like Practo (for doctors), Tripadvisor, Yelp or Zomato; NOT or and similar forums that exist only to publicize negative comments.

  1.  Caustic wit is cool but super duper dangerous!

A lot of us have seen brands get away from negative feedback using humorous and witty responses sometimes even personally attacking reviewers. Though it may reflect a smart and badass image for your brand, if not used wisely, it can easily be mistaken as arrogance and can cause irreversible damage.

  1. Aim to dilute negative comments

When you have occasional negative comments pouring in at you, try and garner positive reviews that can potentially dilute the negativity and reinforce goodwill. At the end of the day, good SEO, pleasant social media presence and a positive blend of reviews is guaranteed to get you past those negative reviews that haunt you every other month.

Take regular audit of your online reputation and devise strategies to improve ratings. Consult with respective personnel when addressing corresponding feedback and try to constructively utilize reviews to improve overall service.

To learn more about how your business can tackle negative reviews or to build strategies that keep your online reputation intact, request a free consultation now. 

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18 January 2016
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