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Expanded Text Ads - Revolutionary Change by Google Adwords

Great News for Advertisers!

Focussing on the necessities and opportunities of advertisers in this mobile first world, google officially released three AdWords innovations. As far as Google is concerned, they claim those updates to be the biggest ones since they introduced Google Adwords more than 15 years ago.

Google describes expanded text ads: “The biggest update to our ad creative since we introduced AdWords more than 15 years ago.”

Now! The three latest and the greatest innovations are:Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Display Ads, Device Bidding

expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads


Taking into consideration the importance of performance and presence on mobile search results , expanded text ads are released with a size double that of the current text ads. A bigger headline and extra long description will help advertisers to have additional control over their messaging and also gives users more information before they click on the ads. Since most of the searches happen via mobile devices, google considers this innovation to be revolutionary.

Unlike current text ads expanded text ads can include two headlines with 30 characters each as well as a single expanded 80 characters description. Hence, the size of the ads will be 50% more compared to that of the text ads. It can include a display URL that uses the final URL's domain. Google Adwords will automatically extract the domain from the final URL. There will be two optional 'path fields' used in the ad's display URL which can have up to 15 characters each.

Like text ads expanded ads will be accessible on both Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

expanded text ads


Responsive Display Ads


The new Responsive Display Ad feature can adjust itself according to the size of the screen. These ads will be auto generated by Google from the headline, description, image and URL provided by the advertiser. Here the responsive ads can include a 25 character and 90 character headline with a 90 character description, an image, and a landing page URL. Interestingly, these ads can serve across the google display network on all devices. Here, the most convenient factor for the advertisers is that they can find the responsive ad option in +Ad drop-down in AdWords.

Device Bidding


For easy understanding, it can be said as separate device bidding. The main speciality of device bidding is that the advertisers can set base bidding separately for separate devices like mobile, tablet or desktop. Here, the advertisers can always make use of Google's automated smart bidding. 

device bidding google adwords


On the whole, Google is on the path to enhance its features for the benefit of advertisers as well as users. Now! Marketers! It is your turn to make use of the opportunities in front of you!

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03 August 2016


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