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Deep-Learning Conversational A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) And Its Significance

From J.A.R.V.I.S in Iron Man to the latest and greatest in self-driving technology, we have all grown to like and appreciate the concept of Artificial Intelligence. All of us, in fact, would make great friends with J.A.R.V.I.S, as he never complains and does all the tasks efficiently.

The above paragraph may sound a bit clichéd, but the key point to focus on is the word “EFFICIENCY.” Artificial Intelligence is the future – a concept that all have agreed upon in unison. In fact, the number of investments being made in the sector is at levels unheard of. A.I being made into an efficient conversational platform, especially as part of the operational strategy, has great potential. Let’s look at how this concept can make a difference.

APPROACH – There are millions of service providers offering an array of service/products around the globe. In most cases, many end up being unsuccessful. This happens because of the lack of clarity in their business model and us, the clients, not resonating with their offerings mainly owing to the complicated procedures involved. What customers are looking for is a platform that makes them feel valuable and a medium that gets them what they want efficiently.

This is where A.I with its deep-learning capabilities and efficient conversation module could make a difference. This could be best explained in the form of a story:

Let’s imagine that you want to start a company and want to make a mark in the sector and that J.A.R.V.I.S is there to assist you. He is so advanced that he can identify potential leads for you, print out paperwork, remind you about legal documentation, finance updates and so on. Would your brand be able to perform more efficiently in this case? Of course yes! The bottom line here is that your brand can and will perform in an enhanced manner when compared to other enterprises operating in a more traditional modus operandi.


HUMAN-LIKE CONVERSATION - Email exchanges with a humanlike approach for the customer to resonate with. This helps in identifying the intent of the user and to share the data with the concerned department for final conversion.

HUMAN LIKE APPROACH – Fix appointments for scheduled interaction so that the customer will be expecting a call. No one likes to receive a cold, out-of-the-blue call from an agency. Your friendly A.I assistant can fix appointments to ensure better chances of conversion.

RE-ENGAGE CUSTOMERS FROM AVAILABLE DATABASE – It is usual practice for companies to not follow-up on leads that are hard to convert, as it not a viable option trying to convince them. An A.I. assistant could initialize a new beginning in this regard by re-establishing contact with customers once considered as long gone.

DEEP UNDERSTANDING BASED ON TEXTUAL INTERPRETATION – Deep-Learning A.I. could help interpret the mindset of a customer by understanding the key texts in the email and give a feedback to the sales team to prepare better for their next interaction.

All the above factors put together would definitely enhance the business model of an enterprise. This could reduce the personnel overheads as well as save time and money. You don’t have to pay your A.I. friend and it’s most likely to cause zero errors.


The benefits of incorporating A.I. are technically endless. The protocols are so advanced that you can get any work managed by Artificial Intelligence. A few of the benefits include:

Constant engagement

Round the clock activity

Information-based customer approach

Time Efficiency

It’s simple logic these days. Business houses are looking at better options to efficiently manage their service/offerings and Artificial Intelligence has a major role to play in this regard. With the focus shifting from highly automated intelligence protocols to more of a human-oriented support module, the role of A.I. is all set to reimagine the business sector and bring practical efficiency into a domain.

It’s time to embrace A.I as part of business strategies as the benefit by incorporating the same into their operating platform can have a positive impact on both its customers and the company themselves. Coined by John McCarthy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1955, Artificial Intelligence has many takers and promoters today. The concept is undergoing rapid evolution and is going to enrich lives like never before. The idea is simple - Intelligence is relational to other Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence is only as effective as its creator - us humans!

The effects of A.I. could be beneficial in a way that no technology has been able to achieve till date. On the contrary, there has to be a better understanding on what it plans to achieve in terms of simplifying complex solutions. The immediate impact so far is positive, the long-term impact is what has to be envisioned with care. Till then, we can look forward to an exciting few years with surprises in store which reimagine the capability of highly automated artificial intelligence.

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