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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

It is time to come to terms with the fact that social media marketing is here to stay and there is no escape from it. For business owners of today, being digitally discerned from among one’s competitors is the mainstay of all marketing campaigns. The benefits that social media marketing can lend to your business are astounding. That the owner needs to spend very little time and money to increase traffic and sales to phenomenal levels is only one of the advantages. Any website owner that is less informed and feels that they lack the resources to step into social media marketing is missing out on an incredible opportunity to tune in with the times and make a profitable business.

There exist a set of business owners that realize that social media marketing is a must for business growth in today’s times but are, however, unsure of being able to identify the maneuvers to be applied and they wonder whether these are effective at all. Statistics estimate that over 85 percent of marketers fall into this group. In this article we have attempted to bust the existing confusion by listing out key benefits that social media marketing could bring for your business.

Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefit #1: Increased Brand Visibility:

Social media marketing of your business helps to engage with a wider audience. It allows instant brand awareness increase at little or no cost. Creating social media profiles of your business is step number one. Get your sponsors, partners and well-wishers to ‘like’ your page. Allow them to interact and let your reputation grow. Any post that is shared exponentially increases your audience base and creates a new list of prospective clients. For this, you need to invest only a few hours on a weekly basis. The results will speak for themselves in a short while.

Benefit #2: Higher Search Engine Ranking:

Social media marketing no doubt increases traffic to your site. But it does not directly help you to achieve higher search engine rankings. To see significant changes you have to combine this with search engine optimization (SEO). When someone uses Google to look for information, they generally do not move past page 1 to find an answer to their question. It is your business now to get your website move towards the top of the search engine listings.

The method to accomplish this is by tweaking your SEO strategy. You can start off by publishing high quality content integrated with target keywords that will draw in an audience. Content can range from blogs to photos, and case studies to infographics. Phenomenal content gets its share of ‘likes’ and will be shared on social media. With experts and influencers getting hold of your content, there are more chances of them providing links back to your site.

Benefit #3: More Brand Loyalty:

Brands that frequently interact one-on-one on social media with their customers enjoy higher brand loyalty. The customers keep coming back. They spend more on these products, stay for longer and even speak to their friends about these brands. Now, this is not what we are saying but results of formal studies that were conducted. One such study found that more than 50 percent of Americans who followed brands on social media remained loyal to them. Over 60 percent of the millennials are more loyal to the brands that engage with them. Why does this happen? Dialog from the company’s side that handles a personal query or a complaint is seen as demonstration of compassion for the customer. Even if the outcome is negative, the whole dialog from the company’s side is viewed as a positive step.

Benefit #4: Cost Effective Solution:

The most cost effective part of any advertising campaign seems to be social media marketing. It is free to sign up with a profile of the business on any social networking platform. This is only the beginning. Even if you would want to take part in any paid promotion through the social media, it is way less than the cost of any other type of traditional advertising campaign. This is a blessing in itself because the ROI is higher and a higher budget is still possible for other business expenditure.

Now, even with social media marketing, the old adage still holds true: always start small. Once your expectations are met at these levels, tweak your strategy while increasing your budget. By spending a small amount of money you can then see significant returns and increased conversion rates.

Benefit #5: Gain Marketplace Insight:

One of the most prized benefits of social media marketing is the insight that can be gained about the marketplace. Social media marketing platforms create inroads that help to understand customer behaviours and preferences. The best way to understand the needs of the customer is by talking with them. Regular monitoring of your business page on social media platforms help to reveal customer needs and preferences that are not obvious otherwise.

Another beneficial facet of this entire exercise is the deeper understanding that you gain about your industry. Once you have a large number of followers, there are available more add-on tools that will help you to study the demographics more deeply. It is then yours to decide as to which type of content generates the maximum number of reviews/comments. Further, these help you to measure the conversions based on the posts on your business pages. Ultimately, all these lead you to find the perfect combination to help generate additional revenue in the business.

Benefit #6: Become an Expert In Your Niche:

Posting quality content on a regular basis on your business pages on the social media platforms makes you a subject expert in your niche. If you succeed in building an online presence, it helps to promote your authority on the subject more easily and become an influencer in your chosen business niche.

As a business owner, you can also enjoy the benefits of social media marketing by making it an integral part of your marketing strategy. Hope you found this blog helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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