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How Advertising On Facebook Helps B2B Marketing

A common misconception about advertising on Facebook is that it’s a platform best suited for the B2C domain. The truth is that, as of today, the scenario has changed and many B2B marketers have started using Facebook Ads and quite of few of them are advertising at cheaper costs compared to B2C products and generating high returns. The key factor here is that Facebook can prove to be a high-potential platform for the B2B sector if the strategy is right and the concepts are implemented effectively. In this blog, I am going to share some B2B advertising best practices to make your B2B ads work better on Facebook.

Target the right people:

Your targeting will only be efficient if you can manage to collect enough information about your customers. What’s their age? Relationship status? What are their goals and challenges? Their household income? What they read and consume online? These are some of the questions for which the data should be collected to better understand your target group.

Facebook allows a marketer to target audience using different pieces of information like age, gender, language, location, job title, job industry, religion, education, etc. It also allows you to target certain other verticals like employers, job title, office type, and industries. Additionally, in the interests section, you can target for interests related to job title as well. For example, if you're going to target ‘ Marketing Decision Makers In Kochi,’ you could opt to include online marketing magazines like Hubspot, Business Insider, among others as part of your targeting preference.

Apart from targeting based on buyers’ persona, you can create a custom audience by uploading a list of emails. For example, you can upload your newsletter subscribers. They are already familiar with your brand and know what you offer. Half the work is already done.

Once you have created a custom audience group, you could choose to create a similar section to maximize the reach by opting for the ‘Lookalike Audience’ option. Essentially, you get to decide how many people you want in an audience that looks similar to your custom group, and Facebook goes and hunts down the viewers for you.

Facebook Remarketing allows you to deploy ads to users who have already visited your website at least once. The importance of Remarketing cannot be stressed enough and can be an effective option to increase conversions.

It is important to understand here that the narrower your targeting approach is, the higher will be your CPM and CPC. But that’s ok because B2B leads are going to be much more valuable, and FB ads with good targeting will definitely be much cheaper than LinkedIn Ads. If you target the right people, your spillage would be less and your CTR along with conversions will be high.

Make the best possible Ads and Landing Pages:

If you manage to target the right audience, then your ad and the landing page should have the strength to get higher CTR and conversions and that too at a lower rate of conversion.

While creating your Ad Image, it is recommended to use pictures that have a combination of yellow and red to stand out because Facebook uses a blue and white background. Orange (the red and yellow combination) pops best against the background because it’s the complimentary colour to blue, and thus stands out the most.

Ads with a ‘Call-To-Action’ within the image work better in most cases. For example, if you are promoting an ebook or an upcoming webinar, then adding a 'Call to Action' like “Free Ebook” or “Free Webinar” will help to get more potential leads.

While preparing your Ad Text, especially in the case of B2B, try to give answers to at least two of the following questions in very limited words:

Who your ad applies to?

What your ad is about?

What your ad will do for the viewer?

While designing landing pages, always try and keep it simple and ensure that the form to capture information is crisp and to the point.

Generate Leads and convert gradually:

In the B2C domain, customers may buy products/services by engaging a single creative ad. But this may not work when it comes to B2B. Normally B2B customers will buy a product or service only after conducting a thorough research. Ideally, B2B marketers should focus on generating quality leads using Facebook advertising and guide them down the sales funnel, slowly and steadily.

You may choose to direct your target audience to your website and other digital assets by promoting great content like ebooks, access to an upcoming webinar, blogs, etc. This increases the awareness quotient of your products/service among the users and will help towards building a solid mailing list. Including a free trial option for your products will also be of great value in this case.

If by any chance, a user didn’t engage using the ‘Call-To-Action’ on your website or landing page, you have the option to retarget them by using the custom audience features. This allows a marketer to constantly nurture the leads through a preset sales funnel and convert them into actual paying customers.


With advertising on Facebook, the opportunities are endless for both the B2B and B2C sectors. By targeting the right audience and ensuring that the ad copies and landing pages are relevant, you can make the most of your B2B ads on Facebook. Try out the different tips given in this article and let us know which worked best for you.

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