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How To Advance Your Career From Web Design To UX Design

There was a time when web designers ruled the digital domain. It was all about creating attractive designs. But now, there is a new breed of designers who have focussed their vision and expertise on developing designs that are based on the users’ needs and their requirements. The advancement of technology has seen a lot of corporates invest more money into the digital domain to either sell their products and/or to create an identity. This has seen a paradigm shift in the design world with companies’ now requiring designers who are not only well-versed in developing good-looking designs but also deploying them seamlessly across various devices and platforms for users’ to interact effortlessly. In short, it's time to advance your career from Web Design to UX Design

It would be ideal for web designers to reflect on their current career path and to make a shift into the exciting world of UX Design. But hey, if you like being glued to your monitor and don’t fancy stepping out, then stick to web design. Because UX Design will require a lot of communication and collaboration skills over and above your expertise in design. This blog will give you an idea of how to advance your career from Web Design to UX Design.


Before you decide on making the switch, try to get a brief idea of what the domain of UX Design requires and if you’ll be able to do it. The best way to do this is by talking to other UX Designers. One must understand that web design is all about visual presentation and that UX Design is a whole new ball game. You should have expertise in computer science, consumer phycology and should even be willing to consider extensive research before even taking out the drawing board.


Once you have gathered enough information about the domain, equate them with your skill set to see if you’ll be able to make your mark after making the switch. Web design and UX design are conceptually different. A UX designer will have to understand the needs and expectations of the user and then look at tech tools to implement them.

The plus here is that the basics of both web design and UX Design remain the same. Your experience in the domain of web design will be one of the deciding factors for when you eventually decide to make the switch. Just keep in mind the extra level of flexibility that will be required of you.


If you are serious about looking for a new job in UX Design, then be ready to let go of what you have experienced over the years as a web designer in terms of approach. Again, the UX domain requires you to have constant interaction with both the client as well as the users. There will be a lot of iteration before deploying the final design, and it doesn’t stop there. Each user is unique, and as the user base expands, more iterations will have to be experimented with.

As always, it doesn’t hurt to start the process of unlearning by looking at UX designs developed by successful brands and to understand their approach. Ask yourself questions like, what it is that made them successful? And see if you can incorporate them elements into you current job as a web designer.


To be able to learn more about the domain you are associated with is a practice we all must follow. Having said that, it may not be possible to spend time away from work and enroll in a dedicated course being offered on UX design and getting a new degree. You could make use of the numerous available online resources to get your certification. A quick Google search will give you a barrage of such intuitions with online certification programs, and you could do it at your own convenience. This is a great way to enrich you knowledge-base about the fundamentals of UX Design.


It would be ideal to interact with professional in the field of UX Design. Even if you have enrolled for an online course, nothing comes close to interacting with experienced individuals who have made it big. Ask for their guidance and maybe even their mentorship so that you’ll be in the fast-track lane to figure out the intricacies involved within the domain and also to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the field.


It’s not that difficult to make the switch from Web Design to UX Design. You just have to be prepared to be flexible and should be open to going through a process of educating yourself. The present-day scenario is much more favorable for UX Designers in terms of the availability of jobs and also the remuneration being offered. Hope this blog on ‘How to advance your career from Web Design to UX Design’ gave you an overall idea of what is required to make the switch. Be confident and go for it. Good Luck!

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10 March 2017
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